Gaziantep Airport Terminal Building Founded

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan, in his speech at the Gaziantep Airport terminal building and apron construction groundbreaking ceremony, expressed his happiness in being in Gaziantep.

Gaziantep's work, Arslan Turkey, indicating that the pupil with industrial exports and innovation in the area of ​​veterans stressed that the city signed a very important project. Arslan pointed out that Gaziantep was one of the fastest rising provinces in the R&D and patent league in the branding in the last 16 years, and pointed out that the role of Gaziantepl, who has a culture of trade and production, with its long history of 6 thousand years.

Minister Arslan, Turkey emphasized the importance for transport and access in a city that is so important in Gaziantep last 15 years, 30 billion investment was made, he said it carried out by the ministry of more than 5 billion.

Arslan emphasized that they will increase the terminal building to a capacity that can appeal to 10 million passengers inside and outside line.

“Because we believe in Gaziantep's growth and development, therefore, we increase the capacity to 10 million. We make parking, we increase the apron with a capacity of 10 aircraft to the size that 16 aircraft can park at the same time. Only in the first 5 months this year, Gaziantep's airway development has increased by 25 percent. Hopefully we will finish the new terminal and put it into service. We know that Gaziantep's airport is not enough anymore and for this we have made the tender with a project cost of 283 million liras and now we are laying the foundation. The size of our new terminal is 67 thousand square meters. We planned to have 6 fixed blowers and increase the number of blowers when it comes to growth and development. The existing airport will also be renovated and will serve as an international line building. ”

He stated that in 2003, 223 thousand people traveled to Gaziantep by plane, and this figure increased by 11 times, and reached 2 million 630 thousand today.

The Minister of Justice Abdul Hamid Gul congratulated all citizens of the Night of Qadr, "thousands more auspicious month" stated tonight that he wished to bring Turkey to no cost.

Minister Gül said that during the AK Party governments, Gaziantep has almost returned to a construction site, and the transportation investments that have been relieved from all over the city continued as well as the completed investments.

The number of passengers reached 10 million in Gaziantep, Turkey's industrial, transportation, cargo, rose, indicating that transit the star also stressed that 600 million dollars of exports from an export reached $ 16 billion over 7 years.

Gul said Turkey, Gaziantep is growing and developing but also magic is that it's not enough, pointing to the need for even more growth, found the following assessment:

“We want to create more employment. We want the chimney of more factories to smoke. We want to do more. Gaziantep is the capital of industry and trade. It is the shining star of not only the country but also the region. Necessary steps have been taken to establish the logistics base. The letter from the agriculture directorate was approved by the Ministry. The post is in the Prime Ministry. I hope we will allocate space for Gaziantep's logistics base as soon as possible. I hope we will allocate this place to Gaziantep's industry and trade. ”

Pointing out that there is a huge parking lot problem at Gaziantep Airport, Gul, who will lay the foundation of 2 vehicle parking lot, apron and 500 bellows construction, said that the facilities will be completed and put into service as soon as possible.

Stating that over 16 billion investments have been made in Gaziantep in 5 years and they have improved the city, Gül said, “Our people will go to the polls on June 24 and make a choice. For more investment, Turkey to further grow hope these services will become permanent. " said.

General Director of Highways İsmail Kartal stated that the two-bridge intersection opened in Gaziantep will play an important role in relieving the city traffic.

General Director of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) Funda Ocak stated that the Turkish civil aviation sector has gained great momentum in the last 16 year. 1 billion pounds contributed to the economy said.

Following the speeches, the foundation of the Gaziantep Airport terminal building and apron was laid.


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