Kars Ani Historical Site Is Being Mounted With BSK

The tender for the project to turn the 43 kilometer road into a BSK-covered divided road between Kars Ani ruins is being made this year.

The project work was completed to bring the existing surface covering road that connects the Ani ruin with touristic importance to the center of Kars to the Bituminous Hot Mixture standard.

The total project length will be 43 mileage, the estimated project cost of the road will find 130 Million pounds.

Ani Ruins, which are of great importance in terms of Kars tourism, will shorten the visit time and increase the comfort of the road.

The project is planned to be built in 2018 for the construction of the road between Kars and Aniköy as a bituminous hot-coated divided road.

Arslan, Ars Will be put into service quickly Ars

Expressing that they have initiated the necessary works for the removal of the touristic values ​​of Kars, Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they have implemented important projects in order to bring the touristic value of Kars to the forefront.

They do both the way to becoming one of the Sarikamish winter tourism Turkey's most important centers Armstrong reminded that they give supports both important, "but not only in our region, we believe that the biggest cultural values ​​of our country Ani ruins of the need to increase the number of visitors. In this context, we know that transportation is of great importance together with restoration works. In this context, we have made our efforts to start this project. Bu

Arslan underlined that the project is planned to be put into service as soon as possible by tender.

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