Railroad Preparation Between North and South Korea

Authorities from North and South Korea gathered to discuss work on the railway line that will connect the split Korean Peninsula.

One of the issues agreed between North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea President Moon Jae-in was that the two countries were connected by rail.

North and South Korean leaders meet in cease-fire village

Officials from the two countries came together in the Panmunjom Armistice Village on the border, exchanging views on the steps to be taken. The train in question will be one of the first concrete steps towards the physical unification of the two countries.

20. was built at the beginning of the century

There is already a train route between North and South Korea. The construction of this train track dates back to the 20th century. The railroad line built by Japan before the Korean war stretches from Seoul to Pyongyang and Sinuiju.

Offers advantages to both countries

Railways on the east side of the Korean Peninsula can connect South Korea's port city, Busan, to Europe via Russia. It is also possible that North Korea, which is under heavy sanctions, is the gateway to the world.

Source: TRT Haber



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