Petlas Suggestions for Safe Journey at Bayram


Turkey's tire Petlas secure the holidays, and draws attention to an important point for a pleasant journey. Petlas also to contribute to the feast exceed safe and enjoyable journey, the driver prepared to take off for providing free tire dealers in more than 500 control service in Turkey.

Many people in our country, Ramadan Feast due to family visits and preparing to take the road to vacation; Turkey's tire Petlas some point to emphasize the importance of a safe and enjoyable journey. The points that Petlas pointed out for the road safety during the Eid trip were summarized by Marketing Manager Erkal Özürün.

Driving Safety Starts With Rubber

Petlas Marketing Manager Erkal Özürün stated that it is of great importance to ensure that the vehicle tires are smoothly for a safe driving. Tire depths Under the tires 3 mm, the vehicle loses grip and extends the braking distance. In addition, we often encounter these days in rainy weather, the tire drainage feature is minimized. Vehicles can easily be thrown in puddles. For this reason, teeth, under 3 mm tires must be replaced with new ones, de he said.

Winter tires are not suitable for summer conditions

Apology, stressed that winter tires designed and manufactured for use under 7 ° C were far from performing the desired performance in hot weather and said: d The results of the test and the research prove that, in summer, the braking distance of winter tires is dramatically longer than summer tires. In summer conditions, winter tires have reduced road swallowing performance. Winter tires cause more fuel consumption in summer and decrease in tire life. When winter tire is used in summer, increased fuel consumption leads to more CO2 release into the atmosphere. Winter tires also reduce driving comfort in summer conditions. Kış

Don't Neglect Car Care

Erkal Özürün stated that vehicle maintenance is very important especially in the periods when traffic is concentrated, such as festivals. Iğ We have to make periodic maintenance of our vehicle in a timely manner and have the engine oil and brakes checked. It is very important to check our headlights, vehicle headlights, wiper water and safety equipment. In addition, we have to check our obligatory traffic insurance against undesirable situations. Ayrıca

No Tire Can Protect Us As We Pay Value

Noting that long hours of driving could lead to concentration problems in traffic, Erkal Özürün said, “We should not forget that even the best tires and the most secure vehicles cannot replace the driver's attention. We should not forget that we are responsible for the safety of life and property of others and those of others and in the traffic. we recommend taking breaks in minutes. All the passengers inside the vehicle must wear the seat belt, both in urban traffic and on long trips. Içi

Free Tire Control from Petlas

On the other hand Petlas order to contribute to the feast exceed safe and enjoyable journey, the driver prepared to take off for providing free tire dealers in more than 500 control service in Turkey.

What to do in case of emergency?

Even though all the controls are done, drivers may encounter bad surprises from time to time during the journey. In these cases, first of all security measures are important for both passengers and other vehicles on the road. In the event of a possible emergency situation, the vehicle must be placed in a safe place and the warning lamps should be lit and the other vehicles should be informed at a suitable safety distance. It is very important to note the number of the authorized service when you travel in case of a problem that cannot be solved. The gendarmes or the police may be asked to assist the regions outside the service range.

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