New Traffic Regulation on Bostanlı Bridge

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting the second phase works, where the remaining parts of the bridges on Bostanlı and Meles Creek, which were partially renewed within the scope of the tram project, will be renewed. The work in Bostanlı will start on June 19th.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka The land side of the Bostanlı Stream Bridge, located on the route of the tram, was renovated. In line with the UKOME decision taken in order to renew the sea side of the bridge, the Bostanlı Bridge part of Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard will be displaced towards the land side with 2 lanes and 2 lanes return during construction. Work in the region will start from June 19th. With the completion of the works before the rainy season, the traffic from Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard Karşıyaka Tram line traffic will be provided with uninterrupted movement.

The Meles Bridge is also refreshing
Şehitler Street Meles Creek Bridge, located on the Konak Tramway route, was also partially renovated during tram construction works. The traffic flow in the region, the tram line on both sides of the bridge necessary for the completion of the work of the new traffic order will be applied. Accordingly, come over Port Street and Bornova and Karşıyaka A temporary service road will be created for vehicles that will continue in their direction. Later, as a result of the observations and experiments carried out by Dokuz Eylül University, the old bridge, which was found to be hydraulically inadequate in terms of hydraulically, was demolished as a result of the Meles Stream improvement works carried out by the General Directorate of IZSU, and the new k & oum l; will be completed.

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