Istanbul New Airport 225 to Provide Employment to Thousand People

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 29 will be opened in October 3. As of 2025 year, 225 announced that it will provide employment for a thousand people.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan made evaluations about the agenda at TRT Haber.

Among the statements of Minister Arslan are;

The second holiday is the festival of democracy. There is of course the selection process in the process of the festival of democracy. We collect energy with the energy of meeting with people in squares, villages, districts rather than fatigue. We will continue with that energy in the last week.

“We have made groundbreaking projects in the world“

Mr. President has listed hundreds of projects in the declaration of election and said that what I do is the guarantee of my actions. I'm gonna do these projects. On the other hand, the opposition had two ways. The first way was to say that I was going to make better projects, but not just discourse but projects and convincing the citizen. Because they could not choose this path, they chose the second way because they could not take the project and convince the citizen.

The second way was against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the opposition of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As a result of the contrast, many projects, including Kanal Istanbul, have taken the lead over the project. Unfortunately, the transportation was much discussed. In the last 16 years as the Ministry of Transport, we have made projects that will be groundbreaking under the leadership of our Prime Minister under the leadership of our President during the period of AK Party governments. The world is watching it with envy. Citizens can also use it. When the projects that were made by the Ministry of Transport during the AK Party governments of the Ministry of Transport were so widely accepted and spread all over the country, then a discourse should be developed, and a counter-discourse against it would unfortunately stop over these projects. Most importantly, bridges. When Recep Tayyip Erdoğan came forward with bridges. Mr. Slim has output messages over it.

”The prices that İnce uses are coming out of the words fiyat

We have issued a share of ourselves from every criticism that the opposition has done so far. But this time I really want to slander, to confuse people, so much information that can be used as a false and false people's head can be mixed up. Mr. İnce said that Xalum Liras was used by Mr. Demirel and the bridges made by Mr. Özal and he took and used very different numbers to confuse people.

Say the figures, 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge from the 8 75 pens to the 11 penny bus. The third bridge in the straits connecting Anatolia to Europe and Asia to Europe is the 25 lira 11 penny. 25 pounds 13 penny in automobiles and vans, also called light commercial vehicles. On the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge the cars are 5 lira 17 penny, while the light commercial vehicles 40 lira 8 penny. One 75 lira 13 penny, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 11 pounds, the other 25 lira 11 penny here is the number used by İnce thin 25 lira 15 penny minibuses, vans for type vehicles 17 July Martyrs Bridge price Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 40 lira in Turkey. 100 liras, where does the 114 liras come from? I'm gonna tell you where you're coming from. You will not compare apple and pear. You will compare apple and apple. 15 Fatih Sultan Selim Bridge is the counterpart of the Sultan Mehmet Selim Bridge and their counterpart is Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

Sliming campaign for success in fine transport

See our first two bridge fees are taken one way is passed the other way free. We are doing the same application in Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. But he says the 17 lira 40 penny 114 is like a penny to confuse the citizen. He says he is not enough that you take double-sided. We also get double-sided fee in one time and it is also 17 pound 40 penny. As a result, Özal, Demirel's bridge is certain. One of them started at 1970 and finished at 1973. One of them started at 1985 and finished at 1988. The 80 has built two 26 airports in addition to two bridges that could be built in two years. There were squatter buildings at the airports that required witnessing at the terminal. Turkey's singing did not fit and had towers. He also did not suit Turkey's singing towers. When it comes to this environment from that environment, when it is so successful in transport, they make a smear, slander campaign through transportation. More importantly, the guides may be conveying incorrect information. But the citizen actually uses it, sees it and sees its simplicity.

”You don't have the resources to make big projects from the budget“

We bridged the 1970. We made a bridge on 1985. When we were making those bridges as countries we borrowed from the taxes collected from the citizens to pay along with the interest. In other words, we paid from the public source. Here we are making these big projects from the budget 780 as a country that could not make a project to the rest of the thousand square kilometers or to other parts of our country. When you do with the income you collect from taxes, the whole country pays the money. Yesterday I was in Agri, I gave an example 17 kilometers made a total split road. 2 mileage is also made of hot asphalt. We have 17 20 mile 340 kilometers now we have made the trip why? At that time you made the first 2 bridge with taxes collected and paid the citizen to other provinces could not serve. For him also have the road to 2 mile in Asphalt divided by hot asphalt 17 mileage. What did Recep Tayyip Erdogan do? Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Eurasia Tunnel, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osman Gazi Bridge, North Marmara Motorways, İstanbul-İzmir Motorway and 3. When the Ankara-Niğde Motorway made these with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and the private sector borrowed for them and paid the money, we returned to the other parts of the country with the income we collected from taxes.

Transportation and communication are the locomotives of all other sectors. Therefore, transportation projects cannot be translated. Moving them away means leaving the country's development. We don't have that kind of luxury.

”These projects provide great employment“

We currently have our 2 bin 134 construction site. This is all over Turkey. As we do big projects with Build-Operate-Transfer, we have the chance to spend the rest of the country for the rest of the country. We spend our 2 bin 134 construction site for this important figure. 154 thousand people work on these construction sites. 154 only works in projects we do as General Directorate of Highways. That means more or less the 600-700 to go home to a thousand people. You are spreading this hot money all over the country because projects are going on all over the country.

225 will run in Istanbul at the new airport

We currently have an 8 project with Build-Operate-Transfer model. 7 is one of the highways airlines. At present, 28 is working with a Build-Operate-Transfer model. 35 thousand people work at the third airport and I still give a figure while continuing 3. The airport is currently working in 35 thousand people 29 will work in 100 a thousand people annually from the time it is opened in October. I don't count on the indirect sectors that are direct working. Our goal at 2025 is the operation of a thousand people. 225 bin will be the number of employees of the companies that Istanbul Airport runs and operates directly. Our country is always proud to have a facility like TÜPRAŞ. In TUPRAS, 225 employs less than a thousand people. See the full TPRAŞ 5 is working less than a thousand people. Therefore, they tried to confuse our people, these projects both provide transportation communication and provide employment during construction period and provide employment in business period, I think these are very important figures.

How will Istanbul's new airport be commissioned?

I hope the first plane, Mr. President. Mr. President will be our first aircraft to visit our construction site and our working friends recently. As official flights, we will officially open our 29 Airport in October with the participation of our President and many other visitors from abroad, but scheduled flights will start at 30. Companies operating at 30 and 31 at Ataturk Airport will be transported to the new airport at midnight as the last stage and Turkish Airlines to 31. The 30 and 31 will serve both airports simultaneously. Phase phase airlines will shift to the new airport.

Of course 3. The airport will have a name. But there is no work now. I hope that the name of the last day when we start the official opening program and I hope that the opening of the good news will be given.

Azı The primary objective of the project is to protect the Bosphorus “

They criticize Channel Istanbul for not understanding or for not understanding. Kanal Istanbul is not an ordinary project. Kanal Istanbul is a project for the protection of the city of Istanbul, which is very important for our country. Because there is a civilization of thousands of years. Istanbul, which has been the capital of many civilizations, has many values ​​in the field of faith and cultural tourism. In order to preserve these values, we have to protect the Bosphorus, and the idea of ​​an alternative waterway has emerged. This was the first aim of our President. Protecting and saving Istanbul from a potential threat from a potential explosion cannot be measured with money. Therefore, there is no cost to protect Istanbul, the first purpose of Kanal Istanbul, from danger. There is no such a city in the world to measure it and there is no money to pay.

Look, the ship slammed into the maritime villain, and there was a tanker coming from behind. Towards our coastal security headquarters, the tugboats stopped the tanker immediately and brought it to the Black Sea. It would be a disaster for Istanbul if the tanker came with that oil load and clashed with that ship. For this reason, we are making this project in order not to face Istanbul with such a disaster.

Our second aim is to renew the city in a certain corridor on the Canal Istanbul route will be completely renewed urban President of our country will be applied to the breathing area to breathe in the city as explained by the President of the city on both the Marmara Sea and the artificial islands on the Black Sea side of the logistic centers will be made. These will also bring income economically. It will be a touristic area and will make an area in the sense of logistics center, which will contribute to the economy of our country. We will have done two works by evaluating the excavated materials in Marmara.

Source: TRT News - I

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