MOTAŞ Staff met in Iftar Dinner

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services The staff who met at the iftar dinner organized by MOTAŞ A.Ş. experienced the pride of being a member of a large family,

About five hundred people attended the traditional iftar dinner, which was organized for two days. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality also attended the iftar dinner in a hotel restaurant.

MOTAŞ A.Ş. Addressing the staff after the iftar meal, General Manager Enver Sedat TAMGACI used the following statements in his speech:

Im Dear friends!

We are together in a traditional iftar program. Praise be to the Lord who led us to this blessed day.

I know, you are running one of the most difficult services of our Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. We are the most valuable of the creatures, but we carry the most difficult to be satisfied. You're dealing with hundreds of people a day. Every person who gets in your car has a different problem, a different problem. From time to time they carry these problems into the vehicle, they can reflect to you. In order to carry the people you want to carry in a healthy way, you have to deal with the problems of the passenger who moves inside the vehicle and develops outside of you.

Of course, fasting, such as events to show patience, we do not hurt our interlocutors know that you've done too. But these are part of our business.

Finally, the patience you show against the passengers is reflected in the surveys we have established. Passenger satisfaction is increasing every year. This is a pleasant situation. Therefore, I would like to thank each of you individually.

We congratulate your blessed month of Ramadan in the day we are halfway through the month of Ramadan and wish you a peaceful life with your family. In

MOTAŞ A.Ş. Former director of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate of Parks and Gardens, which is the chairman Hasan Buyer said in his speech that the work we do a lot, to overcome this difficulty underlined that there is a big patience required. Receiving the pride of the performance of the staff of the MOTAŞ said, "I feel lucky to be such a staff manager," he said.


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