20 Bin Eve Electric from the Metrobus Wind


Metrobuses now produce electricity while carrying passengers. The turbines that catch the wind created by the vehicles during the transition will provide enough energy for a district

In addition to carrying passengers, the metrobus system, which has become the symbol of Istanbul, will now produce enough electrical energy for a small district. The system, which is placed near Topkapı Station and has a successful result, captures the wind created by the metrobus during the transition and turns it into energy. Turbines placed in the middle of the two-lane road can receive wind from both directions. 1 turbines are planned to be laid for a 300-kilometer line, and according to the calculations, there is enough potential for 20 thousand households only on the metrobus line.


The starting point of the project is also quite interesting. Every day for work KadıköyThe young engineer Kerem Deveci, who went to Yenibosna from Istanbul, is discovering the potential here. Deveci says: “The emergence of our project named ENLİL was using Metrobus. I saw that the emergency relief valve covers located next to the vehicle doors were ventilated by the wind produced by the vehicles passing side by side. This is how the idea of ​​producing energy with the wind here was born. I received my utility model certificate from the Turkish Patent Institute. Then, I was accepted to the ITU Core process. We petitioned to the IETT General Directorate and asked for permission for the field tests of our turbine. Accepting our visionary and innovative management proposal of the institution, he gave us an area at Topkapı Station as a laboratory. The result was successful. ”


Deveci said, “The sensors and IOT platform that we will place in the system will measure the city temperature, humidity, wind, CO2. The earthquake monitoring station will also contribute to the security of the city by providing information on the predictions of a possible Istanbul earthquake. ”

Source: METİN CAN - www.sabah.com.t is

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