Menderes's Bridge Is Expanded for Gaziray Project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, in the year of the 1955 Menderes'in initiated and the construction of the bridge in Gaziantep for the construction of the Gaziray began to expand work, he said.

Sahin told the press members in the area where the bridge was built, said that they have beaten some areas in the city and beautified them.

Thanking Şehitkamil Municipality and project partners, Şahin stated that they will do 4 projects while coming to office 1027 years ago, but nobody believes in these projects, “We put the renewal of the 65-year bridge into our calendar 4 years ago. I am very proud and proud to be part of a team that does what we said that day. We write history. We are breaking this bridge today to make it more beautiful. ”

Stating that there is a demolition team in the production of Falcon, 24 Emphasizing that the ongoing work to make larger projects in June Sahin, a set of opponents to break and stop all of them, he said. Şahin said, ğ Our job is to make it bigger. I want to draw attention to the difference. Actually the biggest bridge is the bridge of hearts. We strengthen the bridges between us and our citizens. We are here today to live this historic moment. I hope that this project will be beneficial to our district and our city of Şehitkamil. I hope to complete the 2 month, ay he said.


Mayor of Şehitkamil Rıdvan Fadıloğlu said that it was a project that was expected for many years. Fadıloğlu stated that there are many demands for the expansion of this bridge located in the north and south passages known as the Silk Road. “When we pushed these demands to our Mayor, he said that they could only do this with the Gaziray project. Now our 6 meter 25 meter to the meter. Not only that, but also the road with Korutürk Street to be connected to the axis of the gospel will be done. 65 for years serving this real estate is now a bridge into the real meaning, hizmet he said.

Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sezer Cihan also gave technical information about the work. Cihan, within the framework of Gaziray studies Karşıyaka and said the expansion of this bridge, which connects the city center with each other, has started. Cihan, after the collapse of the bridge 6 meters 2 going to the 2 meters, including the arrival of the 25 meters will be increased. Cihan said that Gaziray will be completed and put into service in the first months of 2019. Karşıyaka Gaziray Bridge will enter into service, he said.



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