Public Transportation in İzmir 50% Discount During the Feast

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will make a discount of% 50 in public transportation services during Ramadan Feast. The discounted tariff will be applied on 15, 16,17 June. Buses allocated for graveyard visits will also be free.

In line with the decision adopted at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting, the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality will carry their passengers at a 50 percent discount during the Ramadan Feast. The buses allocated for cemetery visits will also make free flights. A 35 percent discount rate will be applied on public transportation vehicles of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (except Airport, Owl, Ticket 50, personnel transportation card and campus student tariff). In addition, the residents of Izmir will be able to use the public transportation vehicles allocated for their visits from the grave free of charge during the feast.

During the Eid al-Fitr of ESHOT, the additional flights to the graves will be free:

• Konak-Karabağlar Cemetery, Yesilyurt Cemetery (Movement: Bahribaba bus platforms)
• Konak-Hacılarkırı Kabristanı (Movement: Konak AKM bus platforms)
• Karşıyaka İskele-Soğukkuyu Cemetery, Doğançay Cemetery, Örnekköy Cemetery (Movement: Karşıyaka Bus platforms in front of the pier)
• Bornova: Old Kabristan, Yeni Kabristan, Işıkkent, Pınarbaşı, Hacılarkırı Chalcoliths (Movement: Bornova Meydan)
• Şirinyer irBuca Former Kabristan-Buca Yeni Qasristan-Gökdere Cemetery (Movement: Şirinyer Transfer Center)
• Balçova Cemetery (Movement: Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center)
• Lower Narlıdere Cemetery (Movement: Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center)

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