Marmaray Metro will serve YHT and freight trains


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan made important statements about railway projects in a television program he attended. Minister Arslan stated that BTK Railway is a very important part of both our country and international transportation corridors. “Marmaray is still serving the 14 kilometer line, including the Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılık Fountain.

”When Marmaray is completed, it will also serve night freight trains“

I hope at the end of the year in Europe HalkalıIt will serve one million passengers per day as a surface metro in an 77 kilometer, in Gebze in Anatolia, and will be easily accessible to all parts of Istanbul by integrating it with other rail systems. It is also 3. YHTs with line to Haydarpaşa, Halkalıwill reach. Thus, Ankara, Konya, next year from Sivas will reach the YHT'ler. It will also serve freight trains at night. Thus, the effectiveness of ICTA will increase. Böylece

Ap We are now working on the stage of the Kars-Edirne high-speed train line “

Arslan pointed out that the works for the high-speed railway line from Edirne to Kars have continued: neHalkalı-The tender process of the Kapikule high-speed railway project continues, so we will connect to Europe by high-speed train. The construction of the YHT line between Ankara and Sivas is continuing and we are planning to put into service next year. The tender process of the remaining part of the line between Sivas and Erzincan is still going on. We made the tender for the Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars stage and also the projects were prepared. BTK can go up to Edirne with the freight. However, in line with our 2023 targets, we continue our step-by-step studies for the realization of the Kars-Edirne high-speed train line. If you need to explain the difference between the high-speed train line and the high-speed train line, both the high-speed train and the high-speed train can work. However, the high-speed train line cannot operate freight train. Ancak

Bin In the first 5 month of this year, 160 thousand people traveled with Eastern Express “

In recent years social media has the agenda and travel by 4 among the top ten train routes in the world by lovers. Speaking about the Eastern Express shown in the order Arslan in There are a few reasons under the Eastern Express is on the agenda. First of all the train ride has a different taste. People find it addictive. First of all, we renewed our roads and renewed our trains. Our wagons were better quality and comfortable. As if people are in their homes, they can now travel from the comfort of the 5 star hotel. The fact that Kars is a center of culture, history and faith has also increased the interest in the train. The fact that Ani Ruins was included in the list of world cultural heritage increased the interest in Kars. We have restored many of the buildings in Kars. When the trainers shared their train travels on social media, the media showed an interest in the television screen, and the train attracted extraordinary attention. 5 thousand people in the first 160 this year, in September last year until May this year 272 thousand people, from May to May this year until May 360 thousand people traveled by train. The journey is very fun and beautiful. People are having a lot of fun traveling. These people are not just traveling; He goes to Ardahan, Igdir and Ishak Pasha Palace. Passengers leave hot money to Kars and surrounding provinces. Our tradesmen are very pleased with this interest. We are also very pleased with the Ministry. Uz he said.

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