Disabling TÜLOMSAŞ in National YHT Project Missing

AK Party Eskisehir Deputy Emine Nur Gunay, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce during the visit to the state of the economy by giving information about the traders and industrialists listened to the expectations and demands.

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay visited Metin Güler, President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, together with her candidate Namık Akdoğan and her delegation. During the visit, ETO Assembly President Halil İ. Ara and ETO board of directors were also present. Re-candidate for the June 24 elections, AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay informed the ETO management about the current state of the economy. Stating that the rise in foreign currency is artificial, Nur Günay stated that the dollar will decrease to 24 lira towards the beginning of the year with the steps to be taken after 4 June. Noting that Turkey's economy is performing so far is very large and developed countries to grow even more Gunay, Turkey's economy to the reforms carried out in the last 15 years, underlined that it will continue in the coming period. Noting the production without sacrificing fiscal discipline and take the leap towards employment Gunay, reforms and new science and technology, expressed Turkey's target to reach with innovation incentives.

Güler draws attention to TÜLOMSAŞ once again

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler expressed his satisfaction with the visit and thanked AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay especially for her contribution in voicing the problems of merchants and industrialists in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Drawing attention to Eskişehir's problems once again, ETO President Metin Güler stated that the deactivation of TÜLOMSAŞ in the national high-speed train project was a loss for the city. Noting that TÜLOMSAŞ can handle all kinds of projects with its technical infrastructure and trained human resources, Güler said that hundreds of sub-industry companies can also be partners in this project, thanks to the national high-speed train project being built in Eskişehir. kazanHe said he could provide three. Noting that Eskişehir has an important place in the production of added value, Güler underlined that Eskişehir can achieve much greater things if policies are determined in this direction.

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