Domestic Production ELBÜS Buses Entered Service in Elazig


Domestic Production ELBUS Buses Launched in Elazig: ELBUSs, which are among the 'Solution Suggestions for the Brand City Elazig', and which will contribute significantly to the city traffic, started their journeys in traffic.

Elazığ Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, AK Party Elazığ Deputy Text Bulut, Elazığ Mayor Mücahit Yanılmaz, Chief Public Prosecutor Habip Korkmaz, AK Party Deputy Candidates Zülfü Demirbağ, Şahin Şerifoğulları, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ramazan Gürgöze, Keban Mayor Fethiye Atlı, Provincial Director of Agriculture Turan Karahan, Provincial Director of National Education Feyzi Gürtürk, TEİAŞ Institution Director Ahmet Saraç, Elazığ NGO Platform Sözcüİbrahim Kayaoğlu, Officer - Sen City Representative İbrahim Bahşi, MÜSİAD President Hasan Uzun, City Council President of Elazığ Municipality Murat Ergen, Municipal Assembly Members, District Headmen attended a very busy crowd.


Elazığ Mayor Mücahit Yanılmaz, who stated that the ELBÜS will be watching the traffic in the city traffic from today on, stated the following in his speech at the ceremony:

“Today we are living a historical day for Elazig. After 2014, we have done many works in our Elazig. We give the best examples of AK Party Municipality in Elazığ with Martyr Police Fethi Sekin Promenade Area, Cip Dam Promenade Area, Underpasses, Overpasses, parks we have done in all our neighborhoods, social welfare works and similar works. Today we are entering the new era in transportation, not only in Elazığ first time only 18 meters long electric bellows zero-emission in the world not only in Turkey which are purely local and national, our technical engineers had designed it and made the manufacture of our engineers, electric buses elbüs of today we are opening. I hope it will be auspicious to our city. These buses are one of the best examples of how to get around the city without polluting the environment. Each of the six buses we have commissioned at the moment is capable of carrying 150 people, it is a rare private bus that can park itself on its return by spending 10 cents per kilometer and can travel 400 kilometers on a charge. ”


Noting that ELBÜSs are manufactured with every detail in mind, President Yanılmaz completed his speech as follows:
De The seats in this bus have been designed to make our occupants feel comfortable. At the same time, our bus disabled nurses can sit on the right side at any time, to sit on the right side at any time to be able to be comfortable and can travel in a way that does not disturb the passengers inside with their special dampers. It is completely silent, even the bus is not working. 100 is an electric bus without transmission. I hope that ELBUS will be beneficial to our Elazığ, our country and our nation. 24 wishes that the June elections will be beneficial to our nation and I congratulate all our fellow citizens. X


Election studies have continued intensely expressing the AK Party Elazığ Deputy Text Cloud in his statement said:

Olduğ It is one of our happiest moments to see that a work has been put into service and to be instrumental in putting a work into service. I would like to thank our Mayor for bringing our city together with this beautiful service. It is also a source of happiness that the Regional Hospital and ELBÜS, which will be opened soon, will be put into service at the same time. In public transportation, these buses will relax the traffic. Not until recently a country that produces such a bus; there was a country that couldn't even produce the part of this bus. But in the 16 year we have become a country that produces buses, UAVs, warplanes, helicopters and tanks. Therefore, we would like to thank our nation. Because we have received this support from our nation and we have become this. Our nation has given us the power we have become, our cherished nation, thank you very much to our fellow citizens, I wish this beautiful service for both our province and my country will be good. Etim


Elazığ governor Çetin Oktay Removal has stated that the services made to the city is increasing day by day and said:

Var In recent years, there is a big change and transformation in service. Especially 21. From the beginning of the 20th century on the philosophy of public administration, there are serious changes in our practices.

We have an understanding that takes people to the center, does not look above, takes people to the service center, sees the human being as a husband-creature, sees the human being as the most deserving of the creatures, and therefore accepts every service to him as worship. I would like to thank our President, the Prime Minister, our deputies and all our friends who contributed to the Mayor who performed these services, and I hope that they will be instrumental in the charity. Cumhur
After the speeches, ELBÜS'ler traffic while cruising, Elazığ Mayor Mücahit Yanilmaz, ELBÜS'lerin passed the driver's seat, with the provincial protocol was the city tour.

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