Kocaoğlu: "Tramway Means Comfort and Environmental Health"

President Aziz Kocaoglu, the general election by putting the air of the local election itself and the Metropolitan Municipality, who responded to the party that made politics over the municipality. For the accusations of Minister Eroğlu, “This kind of assessment does not suit a Minister. Especially Ramadan day, fasting with no mouth, “said President Kocaoglu, in Ankara about the pending signatures" Muharrem thin these things will not be resolved without the President, "he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, made important statements about the agenda. Turkey going to the Presidential both the general election, complete the selection process of ruling party members in Izmir Aziz Kocaoglu and Mayor Kocaoglu that they are striking in their efforts to take over the Metropolitan Municipality, Environment and urban renewal projects being attempted by the Urban Development Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu talked on many headings.
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said:

Tram means comfort and environmental health
Vay Some friends are stuck on the tram issue. The head of the Justice Development Party, Aydın Bey, heads this. 'If there is a poll, the number of satisfied with the tram does not exceed 5-10, tram traffic has turned upside down'. The contribution of the tram to the city, 130-140 near the bus line will be better understood. I may not be satisfied with the tram, but we do not receive complaints; I would like to underline it. We believe that the tram brings a different dimension to İzmir in terms of environmental health, timely transport, comfort and aesthetics. Biz

Our backyard has never been
. They told us that we were against the Gulf and that the rooms were our backyard. We never had a backyard. The subject of the backyard, whoever it is, knows better. In fact, the rooms, as well as the AKP's projects are suing our projects. We are also informed of the cases they open; from time to time they can reach different sizes but we don't have a complaint! We continue our work. Rooms 14 has not been our backyard for years. Od

31 will not be on that seat on March morning
Iyor In Menderes and Aliağa, we are prevented from working on the streets and boulevards that we are responsible for. I don't know what it's for on the eve of this election. It's not going to interfere in our field of activity and stop us from entering that area. One of them says 'I'm going in', and one of them says 'I don't let you in here'. We kept the necessary minutes, we have reported to the governorship, we are waiting for a solution. If the governor's office says 'okay, this is your responsibility, please work', we will work with law enforcement, and will look after it. I met with mayors, mayors, councilors in 30 county. The only mayor who did not attend the meetings was in Menderes. Such behavior is something that should not be among the mayors, between the metropolitan and district municipalities. What kind of mood is he doing in a hurry? I leave this issue to both the people of Menderes and the people of Aliağa as well as the public in Izmir. Because I have to preserve the level after some place. Politics, humanity and city governance are based on universal moral rules. They're doing things that can't fit into that. What will happen in 31 March 2019 in Menderes, where people will vote in Menderes; We must not fall for his hustle. When you win, you win, but you lose. Existence, absence, loss and gain. If you enter into the rush of loss today, you will do things that will not suit the mayor, you will not! This is a mise en. In his last statement, we see that the Presidency of the Province is involved. What is important is the evaluation of İzmir. But I'm sure that; 30 On the morning of March 2019 there will be someone else as the mayor. He came to us on time, 'I will organize the coast of Ozdere' he said, we have supported the project. Let's ask the question in reverse: Mayor of AKP, Mayor of Menderes, if he had CHP, could he do these movements? District Governor, Governorate, would Safety allow it? Kay

They sell houses and sell landslides
M We implement a different model in urban transformation studies. We are the addressee, responsible and auditor against both the owners and contractors with a hundred percent agreement. In the first stage of our first project, we will deliver the houses as July-August. We took the foundation of the second stage last Saturday. We will lay the foundation of Örnekköy this week. We work in 7 region all over Izmir. After these first examples, the percentage of participation and reconciliation came to the level of 80s. So our model kept it. This is a model where everyone is satisfied and no one is victimized. The model has another feature. If the value added by the contractor in addition to the price added by the contractor, if there is rent in the mouth of the market, they are all there. Let the municipality win it, the government won't win it. We do not need money in urban transformation; we do not have the authority to spend money anyway. We are walking example of Turkey as a model. AKP's parliamentary candidates for us 'Urban transformation can not do, can not be done' they say. I told you about the urban transformation. Let's look at theirs: 90 has declared the hectare area as an area of ​​urban regeneration, but they did not demolish one square meter of building. What did they do? There was a huge landslide zone. There were no criteria for construction. They turned him into a usable space. Iller Bank to the empty land by partnering with the tender. Now they sell and sell. This is not urban transformation! It is not urban transformation in Istanbul. Housing in the landslide area is also extremely disruptive. I hope nothing happens! Citizen is our citizen. I leave the public to the discretion of how to build a building in the landslide area. We started in 541 Kadifekale transformation .. Because the landslide area could not do construction. We're not so resourceful ... kadar

Transport reform
D We are in a different way in transportation. We sent a letter to the government representatives, the authorities of all political parties, and the members of the Parliamentary Budget Commission. I would like to thank all of them for the labor they gave in the law. In the essence of the subject we have been following for a long time, we had to collect the public transport in our structure. Now his front is opened. Our friends will thoroughly develop and develop this idea. We'il run the garage, we'il collect the money. In the morning we will do all of them from alcohol control to chauffeurs. Everyone will wear the same outfit, cars will be standard. All our citizens of Izmir will benefit from this system. As the citizen will pay as much as possible, there will be a more favorable price tariff. Vat

Minister Eroglu: Fasting does not suit his mouth
The comments of Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, are very interesting. For us, 'He could not make Bird Paradise, he killed birds from thirst' he says. We took water from the Left Coast of Menemen to Bird Sanctuary. There are records. Bird Union paid for it. We made the 22 km road with natural materials. Homa Dalyan was torn, we rescued him. Then we took 8-10 million pounds for the money. For this work we made Filamingo Island, we made the way to sightseeing, we promoted; maintenance, protection, development. We cannot accept such an accusation! If you're ready, if there is someone who does not even thank us in return for this effort, and who abuses our labor, it is the Ministry of Water and Forestry. The work is not true. Also, 'Local Administrations are sending money to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. It's a big lie to say this isn't. It is not clear where the money is sent. ' Once it is not possible to know where the money goes! This is a government agency. Neither Veysel Hoca nor Aziz Kocaoğlu's pocket. Inspectors come, the TCA examines the income every year. Now they are already there .. Such an assessment does not suit a Minister. Especially the day of Ramadan, fasting does not suit well. Everybody knows if we're liars. We are not the people to be accused of lying. we give all kinds of answers when necessary. gerektiğinde

Gördes water is not given because of the leak
Veysel Eroğlu also spoke about Gördes Dam. This business has passed the umbrella story. Before me and the AKP, a protocol has been prepared to meet the water needs of İzmir, regarding Gördes… Since 2010, we are asked to pay, we also pay. According to the DSI legislation, we are already paying for the dam. But the dam does not hold water. It was evacuated, we were not given water. It cannot be given today because there is a leak. The maximum capacity of the dam is 450 million cubic meters; The optimum capacity is 120 million cubic meters, but the dam does not hold more than 45 million cubic meters of water. However, their commitment to us is 58 million cubic meters. They will give 116 million cubic meters to agriculture. But the hole of the dam could not be closed, it was not. There is a refinement we do. They made the line, finished but on paper .. We see many shortcomings, mistakes, and that way we cannot take over this line. There are problems at the pumping stations and even. Therefore, no water has been given to us from that line until today. That's why we haven't tried our new treatment in Belkahve. The contractor is still there. Purification is over 1,5 years; we can't try and get it because they can't give water. They cannot complete the error, the deficiencies. Because according to what we have heard, they have accepted incomplete. We are facing such a huge problem. 'Why didn't you give water?' When we say, "There is water in Tahtalı". It's a different thing. Since 2010, you have been getting money for Gördes from İZSU. So give me the water. Let me reduce the rate of groundwater that I draw from Sarıkız, Göksu, Menemen, Halkapınar with electricity. There can be no such relationship between the state and institutions. I do not send a drop of water to the sea from Tahtalı, but because you can not hold the water, you are running into the stream. There is a saying that I give to agriculture. It is given to agriculture in the summer; Not when the rain is falling, the floods are flowing, the Arab girl is looking through the window! You can't hold water in the dam. You have been the General Directorate of DSI for years; You have been a minister for a long time. Will these work? Does reason make sense? Either the correct minister is not informed or the minister knows this. It seems that he knows if he says "Why should I give it when there is water in Tahtalı?"

77 billion pounds investment where?
Değil Minister Eroglu's 'We invested in 77 billion in Izmir' is not true! The state produces the most paper documents. The state writes a post 80. This is also a control system. Let's say someone here has gathered the paperwork in metropolises; one in either the DSI or the Ministry of Environment, necessarily in a place. For him, a statesman, a man from the bureaucracy and the ministry cannot say 'we invested 77 billion in Izmir'. A minister comes 24 billion, which comes from a star, says 35 billion, a minister says 77 billion pounds. There is no such figure in the Ministry of Finance, the TURKSTAT or the Ministry of Development. On the other hand, the bottom is certain; 12-13 has investments in a billion pounds 14 per year. UM

We're not going to local elections!
Siyaset It is not right to have politics over the local elections. We are going to the election of the deputy and the presidency. But the AKP's provincial president, deputies and MPs are constantly talking to Aziz Kocaoglu and Metropolitan Municipality. They're trying to get us into politics. No matter how much they punish us, the more they criticize, the more they think they will vote. I'm not complaining, but it wouldn't work by beating us, bullying the word. Our business investments are obvious. 'What did he do? He did not do any work, his vision is in the middle, 'says Provincial Chairman. 4 has been a member of parliament for years, you have been provincial chairman twice; What was your vision, we couldn't see! We did not see the vision of the deputy Atilla Kaya. But we know Bilal Doğan's vision from Parliament. Let them return to their main affairs, that is to the general politics. That's the truth. Already after the election begins local politics. They've been overlooking general politics, so they're training local politics. Genel

These things will not be solved without the thin President
“We have worked very well with Mr. Prime Minister for 14 years. For the first time, I said that Binali Bey should be the Prime Minister… We support each other, but recently our projects have not been speeding up. We are waiting for the approval of Buca metro. We are waiting for a ferry pier to be built in Mavişehir, money is not a stamp, but signature. I gave up on the appointment. Without Muharrem İnce President these problems cannot be solved. I do not want anything from any power that I am not entitled to. I don't want anybody. I'm not the man who knows how to ask anyway. If not, I say 'no brother', if you have 'the shop is yours'. There is a need to be a man in this country. Authority, position, money stamp, all of these are temporary. We have to be a man first. ”



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