Karadeniz's Longest Distance Besikduzu Cable Car Project Completed

besikduzu cable car
besikduzu cable car

📩 09/04/2023 18:27

The longest ropeway project of Karadeniz is completed in Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon. In the project, which is longer than the ropeway projects in Ordu and Samsun, 3 thousand 600 meter carrier and tow rope were used. The project, which has been completed in approximately 40 years, extends from Beşikdüzü district coast to Besikdagi, at an altitude of 2,5.

The project, which brought Beşikdağ together with the cable car in the district of Beşikdüzü and whose foundations were laid 2 years ago, has come to an end. Within the scope of the project, the first trial drives of the cabins placed on the wires were made. The cable car, whose test drives were successfully carried out, is planned to be opened to the service of citizens during Ramadan Feast.

About Besikduzu Cable Car

The cabins of Beşikdüzü cable car are 55 and there is also a cabin operator. While the 16 seat is located on the cable car, a cabin can carry around 55 passengers. The other cab is moving downwards while the cab running the Var system moves from the top station to the sub-station. Snow and rain do not affect the system very much. The system can operate after there is no excessive wind. The length of the Besikduzu cable car line is 3 thousand 6 meters, the highest mast is 72 meters lower than the other poles.

Beşikdüzü cable car line is thought to add a different color to tourism in Trabzon. People traveling by cable car will see Uzungöl on one hand, Sera Lake on one hand, Çal Cave on the other, Hıdırnebi, Kayabaş, and western districts and go to Erikbeli. The cable car will make a contribution towards tourism in all the districts on this route.

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