Kahramanmaras Airport New Terminal Building Will Be Opened During The Year

Funda Ocak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), from his official Twitter account on the latest situation in the construction of the Kahramanmaraş Airport Terminal Building and Facility Facilities, whose works are continuing rapidly (the twitter.com/fundaocakdhmshare found.

The construction of the new terminal building has been completed and the construction of the project, which has reached the level of% 87, has been continuing to be put into service within the year and the shares of our General Manager Funda Ocak are stated as follows:

As I stated on several occasions, Turkey's active 55 49 the airport's actually operates, in this sense, which is essentially an enterprise operators DHMİ, with giant projects undertaken gaining acclaim as a serious investor organizations.

Our nationwide PPP model and self-sustaining projects are progressing at a great pace, our friends are doing great works with exemplary service awareness and devotion.

I would like to provide information about the point we have come to in the construction of Kahramanmaraş Airport Terminal Building and Construction Plants, which is one of the most important projects that we have worked with in the year.

Fast construction continued to reach% 87. The rough construction of the terminal building, which is dazzling with its original architecture, has been completed. Roof and facade cladding works are at the completion stage. Thin manufactures continue in the terminal.

A new terminal building with sufficient space and at necessary points, commercial areas, small mosques, wet areas, disabled wc's and baby care rooms; It is planned to be used as a large-scale single space by combining external and domestic passenger lounges when necessary.

The project, which we look forward to offering to the service of our people, will cost 2018 TL according to 83.375.000 unit prices. In order to add value to our country, we continue to create giant projects and do what is said to be impossible with the same enthusiasm and excitement.

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