12 New Cable Car Lines Coming to Istanbul!

new cable car line is coming to Istanbul
new cable car line is coming to Istanbul

The construction of the new 12 ropeway planned to serve Istanbul will begin after 2019. So is the new cable car line of 12 passing through your house?

For faster, comfortable and safe public transportation, 13 has been working for years without interruption.

100 of the Republic. In the 2023, which is the anniversary of the foundation, İBB continues to make investments for Istanbul and Istanbul people who take ambitious steps towards a city target which can be accessed by metro in every district and every neighborhood.

Metro lines create a doping effect on real estate prices in the region where they pass. Those who want to buy a house for investment or residence prefer houses on the rail system line. Real estate companies are also investing in regions with advantageous transportation axes. Construction of 18 metro lines in Istanbul is ongoing and 2019 new ropeway lines will be built after 12. Here are 12 new lines planned;

1- Sultanbeyli Pond - Aydos Cable Car Line
Stations: Sultanbeyli Pond - Aydos Castle
1,80 kilometers
6 minutes

2- Beykoz Sultaniye Park - Karlıtepe Cable Car Line
Stations: Sultaniye - Karlıtepe
1,50 kilometers
5 minutes

3- Miniatürk - Alibeyköy Cable Car Line
Stations: Miniatürk - Alibeyköy - Yıldıztabya
2,90 kilometers
8 minutes

4- Beykoz Meadow - Hz. Yuşa Hill Cable Car Line
Stations: Hazrat Yuşa Hill - Çayırbaşı
2,80 kilometers
8 minutes

5- Akşemsettin - GOP - Rami Cable Car Line
Stations: Yeşilpınar - Yıldıztabya - İstanbul Caddesi - Gaziosmanpaşa Meydan - Rami
4,10 kilometers
12 minutes

6- D 100 - Yakacık - Aydos Cable Car Line
Stations: D 100 - Yakacık - Aydos
3 kilometers
9 minutes

7- Büyükçekmece Beach - Tüyap Cable Car Line
Stations: Beach - Tuyap
2,50 kilometers
7,5 minutes

8- Kayışdağı Ropeway Line
Stations: Yedpa - Kayışdağı
2,10 kilometers
6,5 minutes

9- Kınalıada Cable Car Line
0,80 kilometers
2 minutes

10- Büyükada Beach - Ayayorgi Cable Car Line
Stations: Büyükada Beach - Ayayorgi
2,80 kilometers
8 minutes

11- Eyüpsultan - Piyer Loti - Miniatürk Cable Car Line
Stations: Eyüpsultan - Piyer Loti - Miniatürk
2 kilometers
10 minutes

12- Yavuz Selim - Kasımpaşa Cable Car Line
Stations: Yavuz Selim - Kasımpaşa
1,60 kilometers

Source : I emlakkulisi.co

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