Workers Unpaid Workers in New Airport Construction

One of the five partners of IGA, which was established to build and operate its third airport in Istanbul and operate it for 25 years, workers within the body of CAI Group, one of the subcontractors of the Kalyon company, have left their jobs today for two months.

A group of workers, who had been employed without a salary for about two months, returned to the containers where they were sheltered when they learned that salaries would not be paid again today.


After nearly 100 workers who had been employed without paying for two months left their jobs, CAI Group's employer representatives threatened the workers by saying, "Your wages will be paid on Thursday, June 7, if you leave a job today, you will probably not receive your salaries for two more months, so go back to work."

As a group of workers returned to work on threats and pressures, a group of workers continued to resist and did not return to work.

It is wondering whether CAI Group, the subcontractor of Kalyon company, will pay salaries on Thursday (June 7th).

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