Luxury Vehicles to Accompany Aircrafts at Istanbul 3rd Airport

29. scheduled to open on October 3 of the aircraft on the apron at the airport landing and taken to accompany the BMW brand hybrid vehicle sales price of Turkey's lips was astonishing.

Vehicles including the BMW I8 type models, one of the world's best-selling hybrid sports cars at the Istanbul New Airport, will accompany the aircraft.

Specially equipped follow me (team and control) vehicles in yellow color that work on airport aprons serve for the purpose of directing aircraft and vehicles at runway-apron-taxi areas.

The officers of these vehicles are in constant contact with the control tower. Vehicles, aircraft, all kinds of obstacles in the course of the safe way to ensure the same zamarda officials in the vehicle are doing inspections on the apron.

The specially equipped BMW I21 type follow me vehicle accompanying the Airbus 318 type aircraft with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made its first landing at Istanbul New Airport (INA) on 8 June, also drew attention.

Many people, including workers after landing, took a photo with the vehicle dressed in special clothing. At the Istanbul New Airport, which will be opened on October 29, vehicles of various models, including the BMW I8, will serve the aircraft.

According to the news of Gökhan Artan from Habertürk, apart from the BMW I8, BMW I3 and Dacia Duster type vehicles will also be used as follow me vehicles. BMW i8 sports car type Turkey starts selling price of a million 177 thousand TL.

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