Mayor Uysal's Good News to Gaziosmanpaşa Metro

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal made a series of visits to Gaziosmanpaşa today. President Uysal addressed the business people in Gaziosmanpaşa Industrialists Businessmen Association (GOPSİAD). Tı When I took office, my first meeting was about urban transformation. We held long hours meetings with our district mayors. In our meetings, one of our priority items was that our citizens were not victimized in this process. Top

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal travels to the district without slowing down. President Uysal, who was welcomed with love shows in every district he went to, was in Gaziosmanpaşa today. Uysal, accompanying him Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta and IMM bureaucrats along with the relatives of the district did not neglect to visit.

During his visit to Gaziosmanpaşa, Mayor Uysal also visited artisans who produce glass at hundreds of degrees Celsius at the Glass Processing Factory. A while with the employees sohbet Uysal then stopped by a textile factory and said to the workers, “Come easy. Turkey for producing and developing together, we will continue to work and sweat pouring, "he said. Uysal said to him, "President, when will our subway be opened?" He gave the metro good news to the workers who asked, "I hope we will open it at the end of the year."

Uysal, who also met with the members of GOPSİAD in the district, stated that the urban transformation was perceived as the demolition and reconstruction of the buildings and said that m Urban transformation is actually a re-planning of its economy, trade, and business with a city İl.

Uysal, who reminded that the first meeting he made on the day of his office was urban transformation, and immediately after the discussion with district mayors and İBB bureaucrats about the urban transformation in Istanbul, they stated that they had determined the rules of urban transformation in Istanbul.

Uysal pointed out that the steps taken towards urban transformation in Istanbul have not reached its aim until today and said, dönüşüm The private sector is unsuccessful in this regard. As IMM, we need to pave the way for the bottlenecks of what we have to do and to continue this together with the private sector as a pioneer. Biz

Uysal, who explained in detail the way to be followed in urban transformation in the coming period, said that the result of the work on the way to get the houses to the contractors and get a free home by means of the increase of additional zoning in previous years, and the latest example of this happened in Fikirtepe. Uysal, "When we look at Fikirtepe district municipality regrets, the ministry regrets the regretting contractor, the citizen will regret," he said, with the increase in zoning urban development will not occur clearly, he said.

Iyor There should not be any zoning increase in the place where you will make urban transformation, yer said Uysal. He's right not to leave. Because he's got a past, memories, neighbors. What do we have to do then? Citizen's house and then destroyed the house in the same place again, we need to live with the neighbors, "he said.

Uysal said, iniz Where are we going to get the money from the urban regeneration? Where would we get the money? ”. He sits happily. Then how will he get this money when we burn down his house and ask him for money for a new house? We call this citizen with this approach, 'Buy this house and buy a house cheaper than elsewhere' we actually say. This is wrong. Then we will not do the zoning increase, we'll do it in place, do not take money. So how will this work? We said, 'Let's not take money, but let's make 100 deduction from the house of 20 square meters from everyone's house. This can be more a method. Because the 30 100 years ago, the use of a house of 80 square meters, the current use of a house 80 square meter is not the same. Today's facilities can be made more comfortable houses. In other words, the use of a house that we will give 100 square meters will be more useful than our citizens' old XNUMX square meter house. In Gaziosmanpaşa, our citizens who have already made a deal with the contractors will receive their homes in that way. But the rules we set in the next urban transformation will be valid. Ama

President Uysal emphasizes that there will be no deduction of 100 from the houses under 20 square meters and that the citizen will never be victimized by adjusting another ratio. UM When we collect and sell the cut 20, we meet the 60-70 of the cost. As for the rest of the budget, we say that we pay the rest of the budget with the amount of Geri.

Stating that they allocated 2018 billion liras from the IMM budget to urban transformation in 1, Uysal stated that they started urban transformation works in 10 districts, especially in Beyoğlu, Gaziosmanpaşa, Fatih, Büyükçekmece, Bayrampaşa, Zeytinburnu and Eyüp, and that the negotiations are continuing in some districts, and added that the next 10 years. Urban transformation will accelerate with a larger share to be allocated from the IMM budget. kazanstated that they will. Uysal pointed out that the implementation would start from places where no one objected to urban transformation and where XNUMX% consensus was reached, and said, “Let the example come out and the citizens decide by seeing. I believe that when examples emerge, demand from our citizens will increase,” he said.

President Uysal reminded that some news about the halting of the subway constructions were reflected in the press in the first days of his appointment and explained what happened in those days as follows: Transportation has been the first problem in Istanbul for a long time. We are building subways to solve this problem and to relieve Istanbul traffic. But when we look at the delivery times of some of our subways, there are 4,5 years ending in 7 years. The most expensive job in the public sector is the longest running job. Completing a subway that will be completed in 3 years in 7 years means that we give thirty more money in 100. Fast and timely completion of the constructions we expect from contractor companies. We did not have any other requests. We got the word from the contractor companies about the completion of our 4 metro lines within this year. After taking this promise, we decided to continue the construction of the subway. "

Providing information about the ongoing metro lines in Istanbul, President Uysal said, Başkan We have our 160 km metro line in Istanbul. 227 km subway construction continues. Istanbul needs a thousand km of metro. Even if the ongoing construction ends, we need more of our 600 km metro, Devam he said.

Underlining the fact that the construction of the subway will continue at this rate, President Uysal underlined the fact that Istanbul will only be reached within a thousand km of the metro by 30. How do we do that? We're preparing their first trial. Do it, give it to me, then hand it over. We are working on this model. The contractor will build it, finish it in three years, and start renting after three years. 10 will also hand over to us after receiving the year lease. If the contractors see this model profitable, we will conduct our metro works in this way. In addition, if there are public areas where the subway passes, we will also make real estate development work for them. In addition, Gaziosmanpaşa will be one of the largest districts of the IMM to invest in both metro and urban regeneration. Ayrıca

President Uysal stated that a stable management is a must for the continuation of the projects they are carrying out and the projects they plan are planned and the decision of the public will be given by 24 in June. You have supported us so far. We also thanked this support. We tried to show our thanks not only by verbal but also by the services we bring to you. I hope that if the 24 is given support again in June, we will do better if it is authorized. Why are we going to do better? There is a fine detail. Currently 24 is switching to a new system in June. Presidential System. As a nation, we are not foreign to this system. When choosing the mayor, when choosing the mayor, choosing the president of the association, we are actually implementing this system when selecting the club president. That is all elections, except for our parliamentary elections. The election of the mayor was like a parliamentary system until 1960. In other words, before the council members were elected, then the members of the council elected the mayor. They have looked at the mayor, but it is not a good method. In other words, the presidential election system has been implemented since 1960. And this election system continues smoothly. If this system was bad, would this time continue? 24 In the June elections, when our citizens are authorized, we will have a better and faster service than before. If the AK Party came to power in 2002 had a presidential system would have done more than two times the work done until now. AK

Mayor Uysal also visited the family of police officer Gökhan Topçu, one of our martyrs on July 15, living in Gaziosmanpaşa, for a long time. sohbet He.

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