Turgutlu Death Junction

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Turgutlu Multi-Junction Junction Project in Turgutlu instead of the old junction 1. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun opened and put into service. Cengiz Ergün, mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality realized the first passage in the Turgutlu Multi-Story Junction project.

In order to prevent the loss of life and property in Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in Turgutlu and to decrease the density in the traffic between cities and city traffic and to decrease the density in the traffic due to this, Turgutlu Bridge Interchange Project 1. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun opened the ceremony. In addition, Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Sirin, Alaşehir Mayor Ali Uçak, Turgutlu Governor Ugur Turan, Highways 2. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Genç, MASKİ General Manager Yaşar Coşkun, MASKİ Executive Vice President Burak Aslay, Heads of departments, neighborhood headmen and citizens attended. Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Sirin who made the opening speech of the ceremony, the Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergun expressed that work with happiness, Turgutlu storey intersection project wished to be auspicious.

”We give life to Turgutlu, we want to live here,
Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the opening was symbolic. I was following the work done here almost every day. Detailed reports were coming to me. This place was different. This is where we were killed for many years, every day 12.45 thousand on the vehicle passing through Izmir-Ankara route was causing death. There are goals, you dream first, you set goals in front of you, you need to turn it into service. If the dreams are large, you put the targets big, and if the targets are large, your services will be great. Thank goodness we didn't open in Turgutlu today. We give life to Turgutlu, we want to live here. Hopefully no fatal accidents will occur here. In order to prevent this, it was necessary to finish this work as soon as possible. 37 August 14 has been auctioned. 2017. The work started here as of the month. There are things under the floor you see. There are a thousand 10 bored pile work that has been stuck here. 535 tunnel mold. There are 480 kilometers sewage upholstery. 3 kilometers have top rain water lines available. There is a water displacement line feeding Turgutlu, which is one and a half kilometer later. According to some 6 hours, according to some 36 hours, according to some 48 hours of water cuts made one and a half kilometer of the main water deplase water line in the process of making the citizens of our citizens have been a day or two. When such services are done, some difficulties will be taken. Sadness will be done. Of course, we can't make everyone happy. Our investments were among our targets as soon as we needed to have patience. Sab

”We are opening a month before the completion of the work“
President Ergün stated that the end of the work was more than the 1 month. month until the end of the month of the next week due to the holidays, but our current schools are closing today. All of our students and their families will start to live this traffic from the beginning. So I came to the night yesterday at midnight Fevzi Demir 1'ya let me open at noon tomorrow. After Friday prayers, let's do the ribbon cut. Of course, today in half a day with the work we have done today, the last time we wanted to use this beautiful project, the 7 thousand vehicles passing through Turgutlu. We are happy to bring dreams, goals and services to life in Turgutlu and Manisa. First of all, this job is done before the general manager of MASKI, to do this job in all my department heads, especially Road Construction and Repair Office, the Department of Science Affairs, General Secretary and assistant, all employees working in this field, the company's employees who work in the field Thank you all, I thank all of them. For this great project for Turgutlu, God bless them all, Turgut he said.

”Approximately 75 million project“
President Ergün pointed out that the project value had reached approximately 65 million, and said, çek This tender is about 53 million plus VAT, approaching 65 million. Some expenses that cannot be prevented, water displacement lines, additional water lines, such as the work will come, in a few months with the side roads will be completed with a figure of over 75 million. As of today, no credit has been received from any institution for these works. It was built with metropolitan and MASK resources with its own capital. Of course, in the context of the borrowing we passed through the parliament last month Iller Bank over 40 million payments have been made so far, we have a request for the remaining balance. If this becomes clear in the Bank of Iller, we have demanded that the rest be paid from there. If we do, we'll settle this way. I wish this service to Turgutlu, Manisa to bring no. I would like to state from here that the name of this place will be completed within a few months, with the completion of the side roads and intersections, and the completion of the second stage. Good luck. Turgutlu, the services, the most, the largest price of the district that takes the investment. The photos of last night came again, our irresponsible families should use goodbye. The prestige streets in the main streets of Turgutlu, where we approach the 88-80s in Turgutlu, see Turgutlu's development with its people, families and young people with their illuminations. I hope that these services will be permanent. Chairman of the President of all those who contributed to good luck I say good luck, "he said.

The President Passed the Wheel, He Passed the First
After the speeches, the opening ribbon of the first stage of the giant junction Cengiz Ergun, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, cut together the members of the protocol. Following the opening of the ribbon, President Ergün took Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Şirin to the back of the car and took the first stage of the modern junction. President Ergun, it's important to service both Turgutlu, Manisa and both wished to be beneficial to Turkey.

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