Free Transportation for Students Entering YKS in Bismil


Bismil District Governor and Deputy Mayor Kerem Süleyman Yüksel stated that they will provide free transportation for the students who will attend the Examination for Higher Education Institutions (YKS) at the weekend and wished them all the successes.

Free Service to All Schools
President Yüksel said that they will be given free transportation support in this examination as in every exam. Sınav Free service will be removed at certain points by Bismil Municipality on all exams which are tested on the exam day. We will carry our students quickly and in series to all schools where the vehicles are moved in front of Bismil Municipality, behind the Government House (former district bus station), Industrial Road, Tekel and Gendarmerie schools. Free transport phrase will be placed in front of the delivered minibuses, Taşıma he said.

President Yuksel warned citizens, students to avoid distraction during the examination of the citizens during the exam to avoid making noise asked.

Yüksel, ”I believe that our students will be successful Yüksel
KS I am confident that our esteemed students, who will entrust our future, will be successful in the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS), where they are prepared with great determination and effort,) said President Yüksel, who also issued a success message to the students who will take the exam.

Mentioning the importance of the exam in his message, Chairman Yüksel said, “The YKS exam, which is one of the most important milestones in human life, is an important step for the university. This step should not cause stress and tension. Our students in the past kazanThey became the honor of our district with their success. I am sure that our students who took the exam this year will show the same performance. I believe that our students will be successful in the YKS exam by passing this exam that they have been preparing for years in the best way. What I expect from you is a youth who is well-trained for our country, knows the world, is self-confident, researches and questions. Our families should act in a way that will motivate our students, increase their courage and eliminate their anxiety. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our teachers and their families who educate our students, give them effort and support, and wish success to our students who will take the exam.' he said.

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