Xnumx Million Tourists are Expected a Year to Camlica Tower

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the physical progress of Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower is currently at 75 level in terms of construction and said UM We aim to host 4,5 million guests in a year with restaurant and terrace on the tower. Ulaştırma

Arslan, who examined the construction of the Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, gave information to reporters about the project.

Reminding that the tower was built on the hill of Küçük Çamlıca, one of the highest points of Istanbul, Arslan said: ağ With this tower we will establish, we will have saved Istanbul from the image pollution created by the towers. In addition, we will have created a work that will add value to the silhouette of Istanbul. Bun

Stating that the quality of the TV and radio broadcasts will increase after the Tower's operation, Arslan said:

Sev Our physical progress in construction is now at 75 levels. The tower was launched at the 218 meter level from the sea where we are, and the 369 meter is the sum of the tower, and the 18 meter is 387 meters below the ground.

In addition to the construction area of ​​approximately 10 thousand square meters where we have been found, we will be building on a total area of ​​20 thousand 30 square meters and a landscape area around the tower on the 150 square area if you think about the area and landscaping area around 4 thousand square meters. Our 49 floor consists of 2,5 floors and 3 floors will have panoramic elevators on both sides of the tower. These elevators will also have a speed between 2 and 33 meters per second. We have shared with you before, there will be terraces on the 34 floor of our tower. One of them is 148,5. floor, someone 153. On the floor. With XNUMX meters from the floor, we will have two viewing terraces at the elevation of XNUMX meters. Z

”Our guests will have the chance to eat with the view of Istanbul“

Ahmet Arslan stated that the towering terraces in the tower will welcome local and foreign tourists visiting Istanbul, and said, e Visitors will be able to observe Istanbul from the terraces. Also 39. and 40. 175,5 and 180 on floors. There will be two restaurants in our meters. Here, our guests will have the chance to have a meal accompanied by the view of Istanbul. Bur

Thanks to the panoramic elevators, guests can go up and down and 180 will be able to watch the historical peninsula, Black Sea and Istanbul at 45-wide angles throughout the meter.

Uz We aim to welcome 4,5 million guests annually in the tower with the restaurant and the look of the terrace. In the world, you know, there are many projects that are exemplary in that sense. People are only able to make tourist trips to see them and see the city from above. We expect to welcome a significant number of guests in terms of both domestic tourism and foreign tourism. Biz

”Fine workmanship and jobs will end this year içerisinde

Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, gave information about the technical details of the project and said that the parts constructed and assembled below were removed.

Arslan, who stated that the work has slowed down due to the high wind speed in winter, said:

Da I ​​would like to express my satisfaction that the tower is now completely under construction and the 387 meter is completely finished. Now we're doing outerwearing. Starting from the top, the ring-shaped construction, which is now wrapped around the tower, consists of 4 floors, starting from the top. We're going to make this 4 solid K1 block, and we'll take it all the way up to the top, and as we assemble on top, there's steel plates on our concrete blocks. When we carry this construction up, we will mount it to the steel plates and then move on to the next block. That would be the K3 block on the 2 floor.

Then again, the K4 block consisting of 3 floors ekt The last time we call the K4 and the block consisting of 5 floors, we will complete the image that provides the environment of our tower. Then fine workmanship and work will end this year. Our goal is to complete all of this year and to serve our radios, televisions, and other antennas to get rid of image pollution. Imiz

You don't have the chance to say de Let's do many things at the same time ““

Ahmet Arslan stated that the project had a challenging structure and said, jen It is really a difficult construction. A step-by-step job that requires patience. You can't get to the next stage before you finish a job. So we don't have the chance to say, "Let's do a lot of work at the same time." So we do it with patience and care. Because we are building a structure that will serve Istanbul for at least a century. Therefore, we do not take any risk. We can't afford to miss anything. We really do with great care and hopefully will be put into service this year. Ve

Stating that their goal is to move to digital broadcasting as a country, Arslan said, c Studies on digital publishing continue. When we go to digital broadcasting, we will be able to gather all the TV and radio transmitters in Çamlıca, in the tower we built and we will be able to serve them all. I would like to emphasize this in particular. Bunu

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