Implementation Projects for Erzincan-Trabzon Railroad Tender Process Has Started

Trabzon City Council President Mustafa Yaylalı evaluated the decisions taken under the name of Trabzon's preparation for the future.

In his statement, Trabzon City Council President Mustafa Yaylalı drew attention to the Erzincan - Trabzon railway project.

Yaylalı gave the following statements;
”Important steps are being taken in Trabzon. Let us examine these decisions that will shape the future of the city, without questioning the awareness of the dynamics of the city, to plan the future of the city correctly.

Tender process for application projects for Erzincan-Trabzon Railway started. The railway is no longer a dream. Thanks to everyone who contributed. The amount of commercial cargo estimated to be handled from Trabzon, the closest point of the changing world trade axis to the Black Sea, is between 20 and 25 million tons per year. The total handling capacity of our current port is 10 million tons, the capacity currently used is 4 million tons, the rest of the port is almost non-commercial. I shared this data so that a comparison of the potential commercial burden on the future of the city can be compared. With this project, Trabzon will again become an important commercial center on a world scale. A trade of this magnitude will affect the entire city in terms of port, airport, urban transportation, transit land transportation and so on. We have to get the city ready for it before the railway is completed. Otherwise, this great commercial potential will shift to other cities that prepare itself for it with its own flow, and the investments made and undergoing will be wasted.

We should think big and be able to look at photography from a broad perspective. Our vision of the future in 2023, 2053 and 2071 within the framework of Turkey's objectives in the world by imagining a realistic approach towards the location of Trabzon in Turkey, we must all renew our plans on the merits. With the main plans, the new freight port, new airport, light rail transportation between Of-Beşikdüzü and associated public transportation, the ring road between Of-Beşikdüzü should be handled quickly.

We don't have time to lose. ”

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