Ovid Tunnel and the 150 Anniversary Dream

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, “The idea of ​​the Ovit Tunnel is a dream of 150 years. Black Seai İspir üzerinden ErzurumTo connect with a tunnel was the dream of the ancestor. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his teammates Ovit Tunnelne inandıkları için bugün Ovit TüneliWe are opening. " said.

In his speech at the opening of Erzurum Palandöken Logistics Center on the Old Airport Road in Erzurum with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ, Minister Arslan congratulated the Feast of Ramadan.

Turkey and Arslan stated that they inaugurated a center that are important to the world, said:

“We opened the Sabuncubeli Tunnel in Izmir two days ago, in an environment where someone tried to make a policy about demolishing and blocking, and when someone said 'Let there be opposition to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan' and said 'I will stop, not do it', Aegean, Manisa, Istanbul important tunnel to connect. They said, 'This is a half century dream.' Today, we are not just opening a logistics center here in Erzurum, we weave our country with logistics networks. ”

Stating that Palandöken Logistics Center is one of the 21 planned centers, Arslan said that the number of logistics centers completed in Erzurum reached 9.

Stating that Palandöken Logistics Center is 350 thousand square meters, Arslan said, “We are not satisfied with this, it is also being built in Kars, we will increase the number to 21. Our goal is to make our country the logistics base and the logistics center of the world. Today, the logistics center is opened in Erzurum, we are happy and happy that the industry and the industry will grow and the load movement will increase from here. We're going to Ovit from here. We will open the Ovit Tunnel with the comments of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The Ovit Tunnel is the third longest double tube tunnel in the world with a length of 14 thousand 300 meters. ” He spoke in the form.

“Ovit Tunnel is the dream of the ancestral”

Arslan stated that Ovit will not only connect the Black Sea to Erzurum, but stated that the tunnel is a very important corridor to connect the Black Sea to Erzurum and Kars, Iran and Nakhchivan.

Wishing the tunnel to be beneficial to the country, Arslan said:

“Those who have limited horizons and cannot see beyond the horizons say that because they do not understand these projects, we will 'stop, do not, or destroy what is done'. Just as they say that we will not have Kanal Istanbul… The idea of ​​the Ovit Tunnel is a dream of 150 years. Connecting the Black Sea to Erzurum via İspir with a tunnel was also the dream of the ancestor. We are opening the Ovit Tunnel today because Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his teammates, who fulfilled the dreams of ecdadin one by one, believe in the Ovit Tunnel. So how are they looking, they say, 'There's no traffic on that road, why are they building such a big tunnel,' because their horizons are limited to them. Brother, if you don't make the divided roads and tunnels on that road and Ovit is closed for 6 months in winter, of course there is no traffic. If you think great like Binali Yıldırım like his teammates like Recep Tayyip Erdogan, if you see beyond the horizon, you will do the Ovit Tunnel. ”

Explaining that they have implemented these projects for the added value they will create in the future, Arslan said, “Someone does not understand the projects only because they think about today and cannot see the future. What remains to them is to tell them the opposite of what Recep Tayyip Erdogan says, whatever he does is to say 'I will not destroy him.' They just fool themselves, they fool only those who think like themselves. used expressions.

“We will continue our strong and happy walk”

Arslan pointed out that the development difference of Eastern Anatolia with other regions in the west has been lifted with AK Party and President Erdoğan.

Emphasizing that the country has overcome its luck with the AK Party and President Erdogan for 16 years, Arslan said, “Let them say 'we will destroy, not have it done' as much as they want. We will continue with our projects with the support of yours, your prayer, what we have done so far, as a guarantee of what we will do, to bring the country from start to finish. As long as you have this support, let the world play as many games as it wishes, those who guard them, and those who mediate their service should play as many games as they want, and we will continue their strong and happy march as we broke their game on July 15. ” he spoke.

After the speeches, the participants cut the ribbon and opened the center.

The ceremony, Erzurum Governor Seyfettin Azizoğlu, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Eyüp Tavlaşoğlu, the AK Party Erzurum MPs Mustafa Ilıcalı, Orhan Deligöz, Zehra Taşkesenlioğlu, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director General İsa ApaydınChairman of the AK Party, Mehmet Emin Oz and many citizens attended.



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