Public Transport Flights Started to Dağbeli and Bademağacı

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel's public transportation services to Dagbeli and Bademagaci, which he gave good news during the iftar program he attended in Dosemealti, started.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, the iftar participated in Döşemealtı recently gave the good news of the new flights to citizens. This gospel of Türel was realized in a short time. DC27 Bus Station-Dental Hospital-Döşemealtı-Dağbeli-Bademağacı line started to serve. In addition, the SD20 Sarısu line connecting Döşemealtı with the sea was commissioned.

Nine Expeditions per Day

DC27 Line 07.00, 12.30, 15,30, 18.00 hours from the bus station and Bademağacı'dan mutual. Last time moving from Bademağacı 20.15'te. With the DM 85 and DM 86 lines, citizens can easily reach from Dosemealti to dental hospital with a single vehicle. With the newly installed SD20 line, it has facilitated access between Sarısu-Ünsal-Döşemealtı. Thus, after Masadağı, Döşemealtı met with the sea.

Easier access to Hobby Gardens

Hobby Gardens, which Menderes Türel, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, opened for service in Bahlanti in order to spend time with the families of retirees away from the city noise and intertwined with nature, has now become easier. MD25 Square-Hobby Garden Doyran line started to serve. In addition, Konyaaltı Uncalı-Lara transportation was provided by KL21 line. Doyran Mukhtar Muharrem Akman waited for a long time waiting for the MD 25 line, on behalf of the people of the neighborhood thanked Menderes Türel.


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