Complete Interpretation of Intersection from Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality got the full marks from the citizens to solve the traffic problem at the intersection of Dumlupınar and Lise streets, which became the bleeding wound of the city. Stating that the traffic suffering in the region has come to an end, the citizens who expressed that they got rid of the horn sound and traffic suffering thanked President Osman Zolan for the arrangement.

Citizens gave full marks to the arrangement made at the intersection of Dumlupınar and Lise Caddesi, which is one of the most intensely used routes in Denizli, which is immediately locked even at a small traffic density. While the arrangement made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in the region called Çıtır Junction is especially appreciated by the local shopkeepers, there is no trace of traffic suffering in the past. In the project, which was initiated by the Ministry of Defense of the 2661 square meter area, which is known as the Fırka Garden, to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality free of charge, the region has a comfortable, safe and rapid traffic flow.

“Everything for our sea front“

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan pointed out that each investment they made in all parts of the city has reached its goal in order to ease transportation. Mayor Osman Zolan said, “With the project we carried out in this region, we saved our neighborhood residents, tradesmen and our fellow citizens who use this route from the gangster of gangrene. Regional traffic has become more fluid, safe and comfortable. I would like to thank our Minister of Economy Mr. Nihat Zeybekci and everyone who contributed to the realization of our project. Everything is for our Sea ”.

What does the citizen say?

Citizens' opinions about the work carried out in the region called Çıtır Kavşağı are as follows:

Turgut Erdoğan (49): I am pleased with the work of our Government, the Metropolitan Municipality. Previously this place was troubled, now thank God, everything is comfortable. We are very pleased with the works of our municipality, our God bless, our government.

Ahmet Beceren (36): In the month of Ramadan last year, these roads were unbearable. The horn sounds and events did not end. I didn't even hear a horn sound in Ramadan this year. It's great, there's nothing I can call bad. Our municipality works well, not to discredit their work.

Mevlüt Ardıç (29): I am born and born, I am aware of the changes that have been going on for years. It was very good to have this intersection here. In the past, there was a lot of traffic jams. Currently the situation of the junction is certain, traffic-related services are made in Denizli. The intersections and roads are known. Traffic was even more relaxed.

Hasan Aygören (80): It was very beautiful, our neighborhood, our sea. Previously, there was a lot of traffic problems. Now people can pass easily. It was nicer, better. Thank you very much to all those who work.

Cumhur Tombalak (33): We realized that the old age was bad when the new intersection was made. No traffic, no horns. Traffic was very busy in the morning and evening hours. There were horns and accidents. Bridged crossroads, roads are very good Denizli 's traffic was quite relieved.

Şükrü Gökerman (58): This place was very nice, let me say clearly and clearly. When the rookie garden was pulled back, the traffic problem was solved when the challenge expanded. I would like to thank the Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan.

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