ABB MNS Digital in Cement Industry

Turkish cement manufacturer became one of the first companies in the world to establish ABB Ability ™ MNS Digital

MNS ™ Digital, one of ABB's latest innovations in smart electronics, edge computing and cloud technology, provides ease of access and real-time monitoring of real-time data to optimize operations at the Batısöke Cement plant.

Batısöke Cement, Turkey to the west of the cement manufacturing facility near the city of Aydin, scalable to optimize operations-ni and modular low voltage (LV) intelligent switching solution from ABB Ability ™ MNS Digital was one of the companies that use world-first. With MNS Digital, it is possible to save up to 30 percent in operating costs. Batısöke Cement is also the first company in the world to implement ABB Ability ™ status monitoring for electrical systems in MNS Digital solutions.

One of the first cement plants of the country, the foundations of the facility were laid in 1955. In 2016, large-scale development and expansion works have been initiated, and new facilities of the factory are expected to be available this year.

In order to achieve a modern and energy efficient plant, Batısöke Cement was looking for ways to implement the latest technological innovations and to take advantage of improvements in automation and digitization in order to maintain process working times at the plant. In order to obtain the optimum total cost of ownership (TCO) for their assets, they also needed highly flexible products and solutions that could easily be updated when the requirements changed.

To meet all these requirements, ABB has provided a complete electrification solution with digital solutions that enable them to make informed choices, optimize maintenance cycles and prevent unplanned outages.

In order to manage operations proactively, MNS Digital installation of the new generation AG switchgear solution, which provides real-time data to support fast and accurate decision-making, has been provided. With its modular design, this switchgear can be scaled to support future expansion. In addition, MNS Digital, which is a completely protected system against arc errors, has increased the security of the facility personnel. Digital communication allows the operator to take necessary measures to avoid potential hazardous situations and equipment malfunctions and become safer as they are informed of any malfunctions.

Marco Tellarini, Global Product Group Manager of Electrification Products, Distribution Solutions: ™ With the new ABB Ability ™ status monitoring function for electrical systems that are part of the MNS Digital solution, customers have gained a deep insight into their operations and the data is available for every connected device. . Sis-tem is designed to reduce downtime in the plant by reducing the time between problem determination and resolution, and achieving better plant operation performance and optimum operating and maintenance costs. Sorun

ABB's MNS Digital product is a scalable and modular LV intelligent switchgear and motor control center, with leadership position and decades of experience in switchgear digitization. MNS Digital includes smart devices with a data interface that provides ease of use, monitoring and condition-based maintenance. Smart devices that give the operator access to real-time data from their operations open up new possibilities in IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud technology. MNS Digital can be connected to the ABB Ability ™ cloud platform, a local SCADA system (supervision control and data acquisition) or ECMS (electrical control and monitoring system), Automation System 800xA or other types of distributed process control systems (DCSs).

In order to provide power reliably and efficiently, ABB also offers plants the innovative medium voltage switchgear solution UniGear Digital, which is part of the portfolio of ABB Ability ™ connected solutions, as well as ACS880 drives, motors, softstarters and the 800xA control system.

MNS Digital

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