Minister Özlü: m Not suitable for Düzce rail system Ray

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Ozlu, a series of opening and to go to participate in the program Akçakoca'da press members said in a statement, a rail system to Düzce is not appropriate to reiterate, "Istanbul to Gebze, from Gebze to Sakarya There must be a line so we can draw a line to Düzce. It's not realistic to think about it now, Şu he said. Özlu also said that the tender for the fishing harbor, which is planned to be built before the marina, is planned for Akçakoca.

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü answered the problems of members of the press in Akçakoca, where he came for a series of opening, visits and programs.

Araç The first 15 will contribute about 50 billion euros to the Turkish economy, Minister Özlü stated in his speech that the technical and financial analysis of the domestic car was completed. 20 in the first stage of them 5 is in the next stage. Our vehicle will be on the road at 3. The first 2 of the Turkish economy in the period ahead is a project that will contribute about 2021 billion Euros annually. The first customer of our vehicle will be Mr. President. Ara

Liman After transporting the fishing shelter, we will do the marina “
Özlü, who made an assessment regarding the current status of the Marina Project, said:, First we will build the fishing shelter. We make the tender in the second half of this year. The Ministry of Transportation procures the fishing shelter. Project completed. This year, we will start building wave-breakers. After the end of construction, we will move our fishermen there. There will be twice the capacity of the present. Then we will do the marina. Daha

Hızlı There is no fast train project covering Düzce only “
In an assessment of the situation of the high-speed train project passing through Düzce, the Minister Özlü said: 'The high speed train is a long-term project. It's not just a project for Duzce. It is a project about whether a high-speed train line between Ankara and Istanbul passes through Düzce. So it's a national project. We will do our best to make maximum use of this project if the high speed train line project is done and projected. There is not a high speed train project covering Duzce. In other words, if there is a high-speed train project between Ankara and Istanbul, Düzce will benefit from this at maximum level. Yani

“It's not realistic to think about it“
Noting that it is unrealistic to think of a suburban train line to Düzce, Özlü said: ığ First we look at how many people go from Düzce to Sakarya. There is nothing to do if it is financially feasible but not financially feasible. In fact, this should be a line from Istanbul to Gebze, from Gebze to Sakarya, so that we can draw a line to Duzce. But it's not realistic to think about it unless it's the case right now. Şu

The Minister Özlü said that the construction of an airport in Düzce alone was not feasible.

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