Minister Arslan Visited Ankara Logistics Base

Ahmet Arslan
Ahmet Arslan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, “Some people say that transportation projects are unnecessary and concrete economy. They say this because they are probably not aware of what the concrete economy has brought to the country.”

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “Someone says transportation projects are unnecessary and 'concrete economy'. They say this because they are not aware of what the concrete economy brings to the country. ”

Minister Arslan made examinations at Ankara Logistics Base, met with truckers and listened to their problems and suggestions.

Arslan, who made a statement later, made the country accessible and accessible, and said that they were working to ensure that carriers could carry their load comfortably and travel on comfortable roads.

As the AK Party, the last 15 said that they aim to serve the country people, industry, industry and economy with the arrangements they have made over the years.

We will immediately implement the suggestions in favor of the sector.

Arslan stated that they did not make decisions at the desk as public authority, and that they made arrangements to solve their problems by discussing with sector representatives.

Arslan stated that 15 million vocational qualification certificates and more than 4,5 thousand certificates of authorization, including exemptions, have been issued in the last 500 years, and 1 million 300 thousand vehicles have been registered, and nearly 70 countries in three continents including international road transport annually. He stated that 1 million 300 thousand trips were organized and this showed that the sector was important.

Pointing out that 90 percent of domestic goods transportation and 30-35 percent of international goods transportation are done by land, Arslan emphasized that the sector is very important for this reason.

Arslan reminded that with the arrangements they have made since the beginning of the year, they have facilitated the conditions of obtaining documents and made close to 50 percent reduction in document fees.

Expressing that tidy service to truckers at Ankara Logistics Base is welcomed by tradesmen, Arslan said, “We were saying that we believe that our country will create more added value to its economy through its logistics services. It is another pleasure to see that it is actually practiced here. ” he spoke.

We saved 11 billion dollars annually

Emphasizing that as a ministry, by shortening the distances with the roads and investments they have made, Arslan has saved 11 billion dollars a year. said.

Arslan said: “Some people say that transportation projects are unnecessary and 'concrete economy'. They say this because they are probably not aware of what the concrete economy has brought to the country. 90-80-70 years ago, there was no private sector, there was no opportunity for the private sector to establish factories and provide employment and production to the country and export. As such, the state was establishing the factory, it had to. Today, this is far behind us. This has been left behind as the mentality of communist regimes. Our point of view for today is that you will prepare the transportation infrastructure, people will be able to access everywhere easily and comfortably, you will provide energy, water, other infrastructures and communication facilities. If you provide these, the non-governmental organization will establish such a facility and provide the highest quality service. The private sector establishes the factory when you provide these opportunities. It provides employment from factories, contributes to the country's economy and exports. The locomotive sector, which is indispensable for the development of the country and the growth of its economy, industry and industry, is the transportation sector, transportation projects. We are doing these projects with this perspective.”

As the Ministry, 2 thousand people in the country-wide 300 thousand 150 employment was provided to thousands of people voicing Arslan, build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects thanks to the national resources and taxes to other parts of the country were taken as a service.

Stating that they talk about stopping and not having someone do not understand what projects mean, Arslan said, “But our people who use projects actually know what projects mean and how important they are for our country. We will continue to do these services with this awareness. ” found the assessment.



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