Minister Arslan: ip We are passing through insurmountable Ilgar Bakan

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they made significant progress in the Ilgar Tunnel and said, ı We are penetrating the insurmountable Ilgar, and we are building a double-tube tunnel with one 4 thousand 962 meters long. Ulaştırma

Arslan, in his statement, including the Ilgar Tunnel 62 kilometers Ardahan-Cıldır Distinction Hanak-Damal-Posof Göksun road works at the first 41 kilometer said that the construction work is fast.

Arslan stated that this road is an important road extending to Türkgözü Border Gate and said: önemli Ardahan is an important road for Kars. We are turning this road into a divided asphalt paved road. Bu

Armstrong stated that they exceeded the Ilgar Mountain tunnel "between the Caucasus, connecting Turkey Damal-Posof located and held in the most challenging projects we're getting ahead of Ilgar Mountain Crossing the tunnel. We are penetrating the insurmountable Ilgar, and we are building a double tube tunnel with one 4 thousand 962 meters long. Iyor

Within the scope of the project 393 double-length 3 double bridge building that touched the Minister Arslan, Ardahanlılar winter, snow, avalanche, high-speed transportation in the winter without the type and said they aim to provide high-standard transportation facilities.

Ardahan will be one of the central cities of the Caucasus

Minister Arslan, the completion of the project said the road will shorten the 15 mileage, travel time will be reduced by almost half, said: al Road and tunnel completion of the region, trade, income, business and will increase. Posof'a, the road and tunnel that provides access to Turkgözü Ardahan, Turkgozu from the Caucasus until the Caucasus will be the central cities. Yol said.

Ilgar Mountain Tunnel

Connect Turkey to the Caucasus and Türkgözü on Customs Gate ways in which to overcome the obstacles Ilgar Mountain 'Ilgar Tunnel basic of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan and National Education Minister Ismet was taken in 11 March 2017 Yılmaz's participation.

The construction of the duplex road with the international standards of 2017 kilometers started in 41 from Ardahan Çıldır. 41 of the road. with 62. In this section, 3 thousand 314 meter long Silver Poplar Tunnel and 605 meter long Posof tea viaduct are located.

On the road in question, 28,70 meters of the length of the Bone River Bridge, 277 meters of the length of the Kura River Viaduct and 87,30 meters in the length of the Çayağzı Bridge.

The project cost is approximately 445 million pounds on the road, the Ilgar Tunnel, the left tube length of the 4 thousand 962 meters and the right tube length of the tube 4 bin 802 meter consists of two. Transportation by tunnel will be provided more quickly and safely.

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