Minister Arslan Announced, Ankara-Polatli Express Begins Today Service

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said in his speech at the Eastern Express Photography Competition Award Ceremony that ası As of today, Ankara-Polatlı Express has started to serve.

95 1'in renewed the percentage of existing railway lines, the rest of the studies will be completed in the 2-XNUMX year, attracting attention, as of today, Ankara-Polatli express service began to serve.

The building and museum used by Atatürk as a residence and headquarters point out that the historical Ankara Station will continue to serve as a part of the culture and its values, Arslan said, Atatürk While someone tries to create false perceptions on the wrong information olarak History, culture, history are all of us. It is our duty to keep them standing up and to stand in pride. We are aware of this task. Ey

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