Iftarship Offer to Citizens in Metro and Ankaray from Ankara Metropolitan

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, providing the one hand, the capital of 9 Başkentliler to iftar dinners when opening the one hand, the Metro and the Ankaray In the 54 stations with passengers Ä ° ftaree he offered it to remain in minutes iftar time of opening the time of fasting in Ramadan tents set up at different points.

Unity, solidarity, sharing, and during the holy month of Ramadan is experiencing the highest level of tolerance sense, the time of iftar Metropolitan in catering to break the fast of behindhand citizens home Municipality of these applications are seeing great interest by the citizens.

Metro and in water at all stations on Ankaray route, pastry and who serves iftar, which consists of wet wipes Metropolitan Municipality teams, who could not open his fast at iftar dinners Başkentliler at least the time of fasting for the opening also is instrumental.


Metropolitan Municipality Department of Social Services Chairman Adnan Sugar, said that during Ramadan the Metro station and in Ankaray total 54 54 thousand iftar bulunacaklarını average daily refreshments.

Metropolitan Municipality 9 12 thousand every day in Ramadan tents set up at different points indicating that opens the fasting sugar of Ankara, "Metropolitan Municipality is continuing to help, including a variety of food and bread along 365 days. In addition, this year for the first time the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa decisions on the Danube with the Parliament's request, also traveling from Ankara to Metro and 19.00-20.00 hours for all passengers to open at the evening we began distributing our Ä ° ftaree package, "he said.


The citizens who took the iftariye of the Metropolitan Municipality before the iftar minutes in Kızılay Metro public station, first expressed their surprise and then their satisfaction with the following words:

Un Very nice service and a very important detail… May Allah bless those who contributed. We also thank the Mayor Mustafa Tuna. I wish we could all think so thinly. After getting off the subway, I came across this kind of first time trying to catch up with iftar. For those who cannot catch up with a fire, they are very well thought out for those who have to open their fast on the road. I thank everyone who contributed. E




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