Altepe Announces Why No Metro was Performed in Bursa Bus Terminal

Recep Altepe, who handed over the presidency of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, clarified why they could not make a subway to Istanbul Street.

Serkan İNCEOĞLU news from Bursa news is as follows;

When we were called by phone, he emphasized that he did not break with municipality and politics and wanted to clarify one issue.

Altepe, "Terminal, we could not make the subway, because ..." And then "Do not want, but could not be done outside our reason." He said.

Entering the details, "Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, has not seen financially appropriate" gave information.

Pointing out that credit repayment power is also important, he said, ken while the average number of passengers required to be 300 thousand per day for the Metro, 45 had a thousand passenger prediction. Kredi

This is not possible to reach the average arguing, "Trolley can be made, appeared." He says.

Altepe, 300 thousand passenger potential, brought to the agenda in the Lightning Metro, it is possible, he says.

He says he wants to underscore this fact with his, every 1 cost per kilometer, 40 means million euro üyor information he shared for the subway.

. I wish it had been done, to Istanbul Street, he says, because the metro method is cost 2.2 billion TL.

When you listen to their explanations.

”Central government, the central government, Istanbul and Ankara, why the metros?

Altepe, iyi financially bad and and debts of municipalities, the state of the metro to the state are using the way well. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has no overdue debt and has a high creditability, is not treated like this. Vad

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş wanted to transform the project on the Istahbul Avenue into a subway.

Aktaş, Yildirim, the process that had started before it Ertuğrulgazi line, as well as the line to his attention to the Çekirge line, announced that they would do the metro.

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