Trips Started at Smart Floating Dock in Karaköy


Expeditions have started in the “Smart Floating Dock” built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality instead of the old Karaköy Pier. Citizens Kadıköy and Üsküdar shows great interest to the smart pier where flights are made.

The new Karaköy Pier, which will serve thousands of passengers every day in maritime transport, started to provide services at the site of the old pier. . Smart Floating Scaffolding “was constructed at the İskele Tuzla and Haliç shipyards where the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was put into service.

The scaffold was designed in such a way that the total 3 ship, on both sides and on the front, would simultaneously load and unload passengers. Old and new type of ships will be able to use the scaffolding easily. The scaffold was made to connect 10 ships at the same time.

The new pier has a cafeteria, a library and spacious waiting rooms. Istanbul residents will be able to read books and exchange books. The historical peninsula and the Bosphorus landscape and architectural masterpieces can be seen at the 360. Inside the 80 meters of the sea, the Book Café serves 151 square meters closed area and 90 square covered terrace.

The intelligent scaffolding building was manufactured from a total of 1.610 sheet and profile. The 3 tank, which is made of water that does not flow through the basement floor of the pier, which consists of a total of 22 floors, will ensure the safety of the pier at maximum level.

The 81 meter has a length of 27,60 meters and the ballast water piping and hydraulic remote control valve system that can ballast water out and stabilize the ballast water in case of risk. There is an alarm system showing the water level in the tanks. There is also an 2 generator that will be activated when there is a power outage.

This structure of the pier, which is designed vertically towards the sea using the form of the old pier, minimizes the impact that the city will make from the sea to its silhouette. Due to the fact that it is a marine structure, the facade materials used in the exterior facade were chosen from composite and lightweight construction components.

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