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Finance Minister Naci Ağbal said, yine OSTİM is again a pioneer in this field. With the clusters it creates, it will form the basis of domestic and national production. We will meet these needs through these clusters. Biz

Finance Minister Naji Ağbal, "Turkey's industrial development in view of the developments in OSTIM exactly as possible." He said. Evaluating the clustering efforts as a great opportunity in the formation of the capacity of domestic and national production capabilities, kapas OSTİM is again a pioneer in this field. With the clusters it creates, it will form the basis of domestic and national production. We will meet the domestic needs through these clusters in these areas. Ları

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal met with businessmen from OSTİM. Turkey and developments in the world economy OSTİM program, production, giving messages on issues such as industrialization Ağbal listened to the demands of the industrialists and answered questions. Ağbal also underlined the acceleration of clusters in OSTİM and the acceleration of national production.

Expressing that he sees himself as part of OSTİM, Minister Ağbal stated that 6 is an SME city operating in the 60 sector around the 17 sector.

"Tomorrow's sheds light on Turkey"
OSTIM Ankara and Turkey's industry minister voicing serious Ağbal add value, "the OSTİM culture, they are doing the work sense, makes them into what tomorrow's sheds a great light to Turkey. I always get extremely positive feedback on my visits to you. Turkey's progress in view of developments in the industry and developments OSTIM verbatim as possible. "He commented.

Pointing out that OSTİM is an exemplary organized industrial zone with its social facilities, management structure and clusters formed by enterprises, Ağbal contacted that OSTİM has turned from being a national brand to an international brand. Ağbal continued his words as follows: Mr. President, I thank you all. These were your efforts and your efforts. Bunlar

Pointing to the region's 50 annual history, Minister Ağbal expressed his pleasure to have OSTİM Technical University established. Expressing that OSTİM brings all its experience and experience to a very different point by taking the initiative in the cooperation of industry and university, Ağbal said if OSTİM Technical University is a foundation university founded by OSTİM Foundation. It is an extremely unique project that tries to establish university-industry cooperation at the center of the industry. Li

Ağbal, underlining that they eagerly waiting for the opening of the university, "OSTİM Technical University, Ankara, Turkey and the region's economy to new entrepreneurs, industrialists will be a colossal structure that will grow." He said.
Emphasizing the sectoral clustering activities carried out, Ağbal said that they have been closely watching and caring about these works. Naci Ağbal, who pointed out that OSTİM has implemented and implemented the way to practice, explained that 7 cluster, which is active in construction and construction machinery, defense industry, renewable energy, medical, rail transportation, rubber and communication technologies, has done a great job.

”We will move the talents to the export channel“
The Government said that they care about their work as clustering and 'If I OS from Turkey where it came there' emphasis who Ağbal "clustering works great opportunity in the development of the capacity of local and national manufacturing capability. OSTIM also pioneers in this field. With the clusters it creates, it will form the basis of domestic and national production. We will meet these needs through these clusters of domestic needs. But the ultimate aim is to bring the domestic and national capabilities we have created here into the export channel and we will produce a serious export potential. I trust OSTIM here to the very end. Ben

OS Has an OIZ understanding with a global vision “
The experience made OSTİM will provide support to Turkey's Finance Minister pointed out, "We're with you to the Government. Because you are doing the right and good work for this country. You provide employment, investment and production. You support export. OSTİM is the driving force of Ankara's ever-increasing export business. I thank Mr. President and the board of directors. Every time I come in, they're talking about a new project. That makes us happy. There is a sense of OIZ that has a truly global vision. I hope we will be with you until the end of your eyes if you are in production. '' He said.

“We will never give up production”
Stating that Turkey's growing economic power have 3,5 floor Naci Ağbal, he said: "We have the opportunity to access a much higher potential for exports. In particular, we need to understand the story of the success of that of Turkey. Turkey's economy xnumx'l the beginning of the year; it had an economic outlook that was largely fragile, weak against external shocks and unable to use its production potential. Turkey we follow the right solutions in recent years 2000 economic policies brought into the center of attraction in this region. "

Indicating that a new era has been entered in the economy, Ağbal said: usu We will do what the requirements of the global economy require. But what we will prioritize; production. We'il never give up production. To keep production up, what do we need to maintain production? We need more resources. Then reforms that provide the input source to Turkey will do repeatedly. "

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