ABB Introduces Most Economical Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles

The ABB charging solutions portfolio is enriched with a wall-mounted AC charger, an easy-to-install solution for homes and workplaces.

The new portfolio of wall mounted AC chargers, which includes 52 different types in total, provides a high quality and cost effective electric car charging solution for private and business use. This product line further strengthens ABB's comprehensive smart building solutions. With its easy-to-install 50 to 25 cm2 design, this charging unit can be easily installed in homes and offices. It can be used easily in the types of buildings where customers need overnight charge, just like in the accommodation industry. Frank Mühlon, President of ABB Global Electric Vehicle Charging Product Group, said: “The increase in sales of hybrid and electric vehicles only created a demand for simple and cost-effective car charging for businesses and offices.”

“Charging should not interrupt the day, so we expanded our portfolio with wall-mounted AC chargers that are easy to install and use at home or at work. Drivers will now be able to plug in their cars overnight and enjoy their day. ”

The AC chargers are available in a variety of models for indoor and outdoor use, with a robust enclosure suitable for all weather conditions. As with all ABB products, expert assistance for the installation and maintenance of wall-mounted chargers is just a phone call away through the company's global technical support services.

The ABB wall-mounted AC charger compatible with the Charge Units Control Protocol (OCPP) is prepared for future developments. Authorization and load balancing features are supported.

For added flexibility, the wall-mounted cradle type 2 socket offers a range of connections, including the 2 socket with cover type 1 and the type 2 cable. For locations where wall mounting is difficult, a charger is available in two consecutive chargers and pedestals that allow the installation of two chargers at an angle 90. Wall-mounted AC chargers are available in different types, including energy meter, load balancing, business office integration and UMYS / 3G modem or entry-level basic feature.

Other important optional features are; Key authorization for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and enhanced security; sim card models for data communication; software that limits the input current for job site needs; Web interface for intelligent control of the communication interface for access and statistics, configuration and access management.

Frank Mühlon added: “With the introduction of wall-mounted AC chargers, customers can now benefit from charging solutions connected to building infrastructures. Regardless of where they live and work, ABB now offers a smart solution to meet their needs. ”

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