What Happened to the Historical Piano at Ankara Station?

The writer of the republic, Çiğdem Toker, is the historical C. Bechstein that was in Ankara Station. He asked what happened to the piano.

Toker said that the 122-year-old piano is a living legend. "What does Stradivarius mean to violinists is what it means to pianists," says Bechstein. Considering Debussy's saying, "It should be written only to be played at Bechstein", his value is understandable.

"Our C. Bechstein saw Atatürk," said Toker, "and this piano, which was used for the first time in 1937 when the TCDD Ankara Station was opened, was at the Railways Museum and Art Gallery building until 10 days ago."

Toker continued:

“The museum and art gallery were closed with a sudden decision. This closure decision was taken due to the transfer of 50 acres from the Ankara Station area to the Treasury Treasury.

This grand piano was priceless in the TCDD Museum (but most of all in terms of the republic history) were priceless pieces. (For example, a map showing the intensity of the telegraph lines between Thessaloniki and Istanbul is mentioned. Where is it?)

There is a great suspicion for the use of the Ankara Station area for rent purposes.

The administrative judiciary was applied for this period.

In the TCDD, the organized Union of Unions of Transport Employees (BTS) is preparing to open a separate case for the museum. Well, the cases last long.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın I wonder if he thinks of making a public statement that includes the answers to questions such as "what was removed from the museum of the Republic Heritage Railway Museum, what will be his fate, whether he will see it publicly again?"

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