Kocaoğlu: "The money is ready, we are waiting for Buca Metro"

Aziz Kocaoglu
Aziz Kocaoglu

Kocaoğlu: “Ready for the Money, We are Waiting for a Signature for the Buca Metro”: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who announced that they have completed 500 million Euro loan negotiations for the construction of the Buca Metro, which will extend from Çamlıkule to Üçyol, will cost about 3 billion liras. He said that they will carry out “the biggest tender held in one item in İzmir”. Mayor Kocaoğlu announced that they can lay the groundwork in Buca Metro within 6 months if the approval they expect from the Ministry of Development is received.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu visited the Dumlupınar and Göksu neighborhoods of Buca, and Seferihisar and Selçuk district centers. Mayor Kocaoğlu, who was accompanied by mayors, CHP district mayors and muhtars, made important statements about the city during the citizens' meetings.

Referring to transportation investments during the Buca program accompanied by Mayor Levent Piriştina and District President Kasım Akdağ, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that the 13,5 km line project they prepared for the construction tender of the Buca Metro was approved by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. Ministry of Development announced that they are waiting for approval. Noting that they will start the tender process for Buca Metro after signing by the High Planning Council, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said, “It will extend from Hat Çamlıkule to Üçyol. This is a very big project that will cost 2,5-3 billion liras. It will be the biggest tender held in one item in Izmir. We finished the 500 million Euro loan negotiation. We are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Development for 5-6 months ”.
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu announced that after the Narlıdere Metro, which will be laid on Saturday, 6 months after approval, they will be able to lay the foundation of the Buca Metro and said, “Buca is one of our most challenging regions in terms of urban transportation. With this investment, we will both solve the problems of the region and take a big step towards modern and environmentally friendly transportation. ”

Along with President Piriştina, President Kocaoğlu also had a beard shave in a barber shop in Buca.

Public meeting in Seferihisar

After the visit to Buca, Mayor Kocaoğlu, who went to Seferihisar, Mayor Tunç Soyer and CHP District President İsmail Adult, organized a public sohbetjoined the den. June 24th elections draw attention to the critical importance for Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, "our foreign policy we adopt a dignified posture correction is not possible. We need people who will give confidence, not compromise, think only of the interests of the country and who only do politics for their country and nation ”.

The nation has made its decision

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu went to Selcuk for the last stop of the day. Accompanied by a large group together with past Mayor Vefa Ülgür and CHP District President Merve Çalışkan, Mayor Kocaoğlu attended the opening of Muharrem İnce's Election Coordination Office. Speaking at the opening, which included CHP Women's Branch President Fatma Köse, President Kocaoğlu emphasized the importance of high participation and the preservation of the ballot boxes. Stating that he was very hopeful about the results of the June 24 elections, Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “The nation has made its decision. He was silent. He is waiting for his day, his watch. ”

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