2018 Summer Travel Tariff starts in Kocaeli Sea Transportation

2018 June 18 starts on the 2018 summer timetable of the Maritime Transportation Directorate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department on Monday. In addition to the additional voyages, a total of 8 flights will be made to the daily 99 port in Kocaeli sea transportation.

Since the working hours did not change and the summer-winter time arrangement was not made throughout the country, fixed tariffs were applied throughout the season. In the sea transportation tariffs, additional time was added to the lines that were deemed necessary only for the summer season. In this context, as of June 18, 2018, two additional flights will start to Karamürsel - Değirmendere - İzmit and Karamürsel - Hereke.

With the additional flights, a total of 8 flights will be made to the daily 99 pier in Kocaeli Marine Transportation. As in previous years, 18 will be launched in June at 24 (23 June Excluding) and Moonlight Tours XNUMX in June.

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