Minister Arslan: X We used 15 to spend $ 474 billion on transportation projects Bakan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said, Havalimanı Istanbul New Airport will initially operate 100of 20 solid. 2023When we come to the other phases 225 thousand people will work, Tüpraş `s full 45 solid. It will indirectly employ about 1,5 million people. Dol

Arslan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the aircraft, that yesterday in Istanbul New Airport, transferring that this is a historic moment, the airport has reported that both Turkey and this has a different meaning for the world.

Turkey's largest mills, one of the giants of the industry Arslan striking Tupras, "is currently working 35-36 thousand people in Istanbul New Airport. 100 will be operated by one thousand people at the end of the project. 20 2023 thousand people will work when the other phases come into operation, the full 225 of Tüpraş. Approximately 45 will employ up to a million people if you count the segments that it has indirectly affected. Why 1,5 is the world. the best indication that you are uncomfortable at the airport. havalim

"Brand project" for Turkey

The world of aviation Arslan striking the west of the center of gravity of Europe's record eastward, China and India due to the development said that the point now where the center of gravity of world aviation Turkey. Arslan, indicating that the situation of the airport was done with a correct decision about the point, said:

. We started by investigating the location of our President 10 years ago with the instructions to build an airport to serve the world. It's a good thing we started that day, it would be late if we started today. 90 million in the beginning, 150 million in the next stages, 200 million passengers will serve if needed. In the 2023 it will occur in Turkey close to the annual gross domestic product will only create the 5 percent this airport. This airport is very meaningful in this sense. World airline companies will also be able to travel to the distant places of the world. They will use the airspace, airplanes come down, passengers will come and make purchases with each other will provide income and will contribute to the national economy. Not only in terms of employment, but also will be the added value that will be created economically. A fabulous project is a prestige project is a project for Turkey brand, is also the country's project will contribute to the economy and to employment. "

Arslan also evaluated the decision to expand Europe for various airports after Istanbul New Airport and added:

Or There is a circulation in the world aviation and people fly from one place to another. Someone gives this service. When the new airport is put into service with this size, someone will not be able to provide this service. We are the center of gravity of the world aviation, people will prefer us when we serve people within the framework of our advantageous position. People will prefer us because they will have to grow, they will have to shrink, they are uncomfortable. 10-12 has many years of unending airports in many parts of the world. Istanbul New Airport had begun 4 years ago, 4,5 will become a passenger carrying years. It disturbs many places, can bill some people in many places. Bu

”The name of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is much more inclusive and clear“

Regarding the steps to be taken in the new system that will be formed after the election, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and some other ministries, Arslan said that bringing together similar ministries with similar jobs will reflect positively in terms of coordination. Arslan, said:

Yap A change in the name of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will not have a negative impact on the projects. Our Ministry acts as a transporter and produces projects related to them. Our General Directorate of Highways undertakes infrastructure services. We have units such as port, railway and airport infrastructure and transferring to enterprises. The Ministry is already making the infrastructure of all types of transport. The new system will come in the name of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is much more inclusive and clear. Alty He said.

Arslan also mentioned the measures to be taken against güvenli cyber attacks söyl and söyl cyber attacks söyl which can be carried out on election day.

Especially in the elections, cyber security makes much more important attracted Arslan, said:

. We are not only in the election period but also in providing cyber security. However, during the election period, we attach more importance to vigilance. We are working with all public institutions and organizations on this day 7 days 24 hours. In addition, we have been working hard for the institutions serving the public to take measures related to cyber security and to follow them all in one center for 24 hours. We trained a large number of people with the thought that there might be more attacks. We have a Cyber ​​Incident Response Team close to 800. Bu

Arslan stated that the PTT will work with the local administrations in the carriage of the votes used in the election and stressed that PTT is very experienced in the cargo field.

”We have saved 11 billion dollars annually through transportation projects“

On the question of the cost of conducting projects such as bridges and highways with state resources rather than with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, Arslan said that the works are done with the speed of the private sector when done with BOT.

The private sector is doing a faster job, there is a profit that draws attention, the public to find loans and finding the source is much more difficult, the private sector can find loans at a much lower cost by showing its own resources to the collateral.

Minister Arslan, said:

Ti When we do ourselves as a country, we would say '20-25 Let's do it later in the year' because we didn't have any money or we would owe it again, and 81 would pay this debt. We couldn't serve the rest of the country when we paid for it. However, when the private sector, the bridge, the highway, tunnel, the user pays the airport. There is a justification that there is a 'We guarantee, you're paying for it' guarantee. Already in the first few years of the feasibility of the guarantee figure will not be reached and the difference between us in the predictions, but a few years after the warranty figure is reached, so all the user pays. Even if the user does not pay, he will pay 81 million for all of them and some of them pay 81 million. Tamam

Arslan reminded the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge that they had guaranteed 135 thousand vehicle crossing., If we had not done with the BOT, we would give all his money as a citizen. In a few years, this will be fully guaranteed by the user again. Birkaç

Lira We have spent 15 billion pounds on transportation projects in 474 years “

Arslan stated that the airports made by BOT were in their own hands, and they rented them and reported that they had obtained 10 billion dollars.

Arslan stated that the motorways and the Eurasia Tunnel will be left to them at the end of the operation period and they will earn income by renting them and they will serve the rest of the country with these revenues.

Referring to the opposition's criticism of tolls, Arslan said:

Ir Light commercial vehicles, the first two bridges in Istanbul, 11 pounds 25 penny, but the price of exorbitant price, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 114 pounds goes to the lire. It is logical and normal to compare the first two bridges with the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge crossing figure 17 lira 40 penny. He compares the apple and the pear, the mind wakes up. Going to the Gulf Osmangazi Bridge, waking up. Before the Osmangazi Bridge, the ferries were driving the cars to the 40 dollar. Now they are applying the price of 45-60 lira for the bridge. They didn't practice their fathers, they lowered the price because the bridge was opened. If you don't like it, you'il walk around the bay. Why is he using the bridge? If he walks around the bay, he knows he'll be more expensive, he knows he'll spend more fuel, there's time cost, carbon dioxide emissions, accidents. "

Arslan said that 15 has spent 474 billion liras on transportation projects and 11 has been saving XNUMX billion dollars every year in terms of time, fuel and carbon dioxide emissions. Arslan said, am They do not understand this, they do not understand. While using it, he prefers the bridge, he doesn't walk around the bay, but when he comes to say, he especially mixes the apple with pears. Pr

”Has this man come from outer space?“

CHP's presidential candidate Muharrem Ince's technology use and industry related to 4.0 words reminded Arslan, said:

Di This man came from outer space, did he come from abroad? books on the table 15 years in Turkey, free books. 'I will give the book, the book is free' he says. Leave the health service until the age of 18, until the age of 25 is given to students free of charge. He says' I'll come, I'll make it free. I'll do universities free 'he says. He has no idea that the fees have been removed in the AK Party period. Since he didn't come from abroad, I wonder if he came from outer space sometimes? If it came from space, it is normal for quantum, industry to say 4.0. Uzay

TURKSAT will make 6A completely indigenous and national, 2020'den they will send to the outer space, such as Arslan, GÖKTÜRK1, GÖKTÜRK 2 is now in the space of many experimental satellites, he said.

Arslan, smarter communication between the machines and industrial machines 4.0 Stating that the infrastructure of Turkey, in this regard, he said had a long way. Current Arslan explaining that enables communication between devices 4,5 million machines in the country, Turkey's internet speed of at 500 times, broadband subscriber zero, while AK Party government reported that during the period reached 69 million.

The number of fiber optic subscribers 2 million 300 thousand that attract attention, the cable length of 325 thousand kilometers, he stressed.

”Live broadcasting thanks to 4,5G“

Arslan, Turkey's xnumxg'y expressed that the country implements the world's rare, "Currently Muharrem was doing a live broadcast by mobile phone. He does this through 4,5G. Let them all, if you know which technology they are using, and who knows what they are doing, they should not say any of them. As he speaks, he is sinking, talking and sinking into the eyes of the citizen.,

The claim that the internet was interrupted in Izmir rally

Thin 'Izmir rally against the claim that internet access is interrupted Arslan, the country's survival, security and anti-terrorism within the framework of decisions of the judicial authorities to cut the Internet access, he said. Arslan, said:

Lazım Mr. İnce needs to know this well. If you didn't give the citizen what you talked about, including the Anadolu Agency, İnce was in a better state right now. As you and the media are reflecting, talking and sinking, and the old ones appear. The media will do its job, the citizen is doing his duty and everything is revealed. In particular, there is no such thing as internet cuts bak As the citizen learns what they say, bunlar Sorry, we're full of empty stuff. Özellikle said. That's why the citizen is going to teach them, and when they learn it, they scribble it, scribing it. We would have been useful to him to bite the Internet, but we don't make him alive. İnternet

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