12 bin 850 IMM has signed a collective agreement with applause

The collective bargaining agreement covering a total of 7 bin 12 workers in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IETT and 850 IBB affiliates was signed in an enthusiastic ceremony.

Mak Istanbul is proud of you imize, said President Uysal. We raised a 14 percentage in the contract. However, when we look at additional subsidies, the increase is found in 16. The increase in lower-income units is up to 20. Daha

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İETT and its subsidiaries: ISBAK, İSTON, İSPARK, İSFALT, KÜLTÜR AŞ, HALK EKMEK AŞ, The collective labor agreement covering the total of 12 bin 850 workers working in HAMİDİYE A.Ş. -GIDA IS Union signed with.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, President of HAK-İŞ Confederation, Mahmut Arslan, İBB General Secretary Hayri Baraçlı, İBB General Secretary Assistants Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu and Eyyüp Karahan, İETT General Manager Ahmet Bağış, SERVICE Hüseyin Öz, Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union of Turkey, Tevfik Hançeroğlu, Deputy Chairman of ÖZ-GIDA İŞ Trade Union, MIKSEN Secretary General Zekeriya Sancı, managers and municipal employees.


Mevlüt Uysal, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was greeted with drums and applause when he entered the city hall. President Mevlüt Uysal, speaking among the workers of ti Istanbul is proud of you m who filled the hall, stated that it was very important to complete the contract without going beyond the reasonable amount during the election week.

Emphasizing that their basic philosophy as the IMM management is to give the worker the right to the right, President Uysal said, “What do they say, 'surrender your money before the sweat dries.' This line has continued since 1994. Our duty as the Administration always give top economic conditions in Turkey can give according to the limits. On the eve of the full election, 'come on, we did it high, we did it', a show in front of the press ... Then, as in some of our municipalities, it becomes unable to pay salaries in two months. Then it is a pity for our workers and our administration and this country is a pity. We hear, we see, some of our municipalities can not get garbage, things cannot be done. The people are restless. There is an elected administration, there is a municipality, there is an elected administration, they are restless, there are workers coming to work, that restless. Then the country is restless. The fact that every side, that is, the two parties should consider each other's right to law, and give shoulder to shoulder ... We will give the right to the worker as the administration. As long as we do this, we hope that we have done our duty correctly both in the name of the world and the world. I guess there is nothing happier in the world than earning by working properly and halally and spending it with family, children and children. I hope we have achieved this with this contract. ”


Uysal underlined that their size should always be higher than the inflation rate. Lar In the first year of this contract, we have increased our 2 14. However, when we look at the additional allowances, our average increase is 16. Increases in lower-income units are up to 20. If the wages of those who were later recruited later became too low, we also determined a separate increase for them. I would like to thank our union managers and workers brothers who have met in reasonable terms. Mak

Uysal, iz I hope this contract on behalf of our workers in the name of our employees on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality, on behalf of Istanbulites, on behalf of our country will be good. HAK-İŞ chairman, the right to pay as soon as possible from March expressed the issue. Friends, we keep workers' rights at the forefront. Be comfortable about that, ”he said.


Those held in Istanbul in Turkey and the municipality that expressed the importance of being an example to the world President Mevlut Uysal, Istanbul stated that such a mission to be an example of the Metropolitan Municipality. Dü We will do this by giving you shoulder to shoulder, we will do each other's right, by maintaining the common sense of the law, vererek said Uysal.

O The principled stance that started at 1994 in Istanbul continued to this day. Hopefully, we are committed to continuing the same line as we signed today. We are happy to be able to continue this line together. When we compare the municipal services in our country with the world, if we can say that we have no remaining situation, we are a stable and strong country. We have a responsibility on Sunday to keep it going. Strong President, strong government, strong Parliament. Turkey and as a leader in the bosom of the municipality issuing such a world Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I hope we will continue to set an example by doing the right thing. "


HAK-IS Confederation thanked President Mahmut Arslan in his subcontractor issues that the issue of Turkey's ancient speech Republic of Turkey's history and the working life of the signatories of the largest reforms, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The decree stipulates that 1 is a permanent worker, with a total of close to one million workers and subcontractors. Edilerek This is truly the biggest reform we have undertaken in the history of the Republic. 170 times more permanent workers have been added to the workers. They became public staff members. This is a great success. I would like to express my gratitude to our IBB President Mevlüt Uysal and IMM officials who contributed to the realization of our collective bargaining agreement in peace and at the table. I would like to thank our esteemed President Uysal for saying that the differences will be made since March, before the forehead of the worker will dry out. I would like to express that we are happy and would like to see him as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the coming period. Our collective bargaining agreement will be auspicious auspicious, em he said.


According to the 2 annual collective agreement, the naked wages of the workers of IMM, IETT and 5 have been increased by 14 in the first year of the contract. Also for the low-wage workers, serious improvements were made on this hike.

In the second year of the contract, the bare wages of workers will be increased in the first year. Social payments other than bare wages were also increased above the rate hike rate. In the second year of the contract, these payments will be increased at the rate of wages to be paid.

According to this, IMM, İETT, İSBAK, İSTON, İSPARK, ISFALT, CULTURAL INC. Gross Average Dressed Cost 6 bin 696,62 TL 7 thousand 760,51 TL, Net Average Dressed Cost 4 bin 502,87 TL 5 bin 218 24 rose to TL.

Monthly Unified Social Assistance (social spending such as family, children, fuel, holidays, leave), 519,81 TL to 610 TL, Food Assistance 17,14 TL to 21 TL, Summer Clothing Help 368,94 TL 500 TL ' Winter, Winter Clothing Help 447,13 TL was upgraded to TL 550.

Learning Aids; 316,07 to 400 TL in secondary education, 370,04 TL to 500 TL in secondary education, 555,06 TL to higher education was increased to 750 TL.

Also; Marriage Aid 528,62 TL to 650 TL, Birth Benefit 266,51 TL to 350 TL, Occupational Accident Assistance 4 bin 209,17 TL to 6 thousand TL, Death Benefit 1843,58 TL to 2 bin 500 TL, Assistance in the case of death of relatives 398,67 TL was removed from TL to 500.

4 bonuses and benefits in the year (cleaning assistance, food aid in Ramadan, vehicle assistance, etc.) will continue to be paid during the new collective bargaining agreement.

IMM, İETT, İSBAK, İSTON, İSPARK, İSFALT, KÜLTÜR AŞ, HALK EKMEK AŞ, and HAMİDİYE A worker who works at HAMİDİYE AŞ will be the 10 bin 20,71 TL.

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