Iftarlık Will Be Distributed at Metro and Ankaray Stations During Ramadan in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital and visitors from outside the city during the month of Ramadan Metro and Ankaray stations will be il iftarlı yemalar Bel will be.

In the month of Ramadan, which will start on May 16, another important decision was reached with the Presidential Letter for the capital city and guests coming from outside the city. In the Presidential Letter, which draws attention to the fact that the majority of the citizens living in Ankara are composed of employees and students, “In order to ensure that our citizens, who benefit from the public transportation service carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, open their iftars during the month of Ramadan, less than a thousand at each station and at each station. The expressions were accepted unanimously. Iftar packages to be prepared will include a pastry, a bottle of water and a wet wipe.

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