UTİKAD met with the sector at the summit of economy and logistics

The Economy and Logistics Summit, organized for the third time this year by UTA Logistics Magazine, took place on May 14, 2018 at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel. Leading names of the economy and logistics sector met at the summit, which was supported by the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTİKAD as the Bronze Sponsor.

At the summit, where UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener made the opening speech and also moderated the main session, digital transformation, new opportunities in the economy and the agenda topics of the logistics sector were discussed. Addressing the developments in the Turkish logistics industry, UTİKAD President Emre Eldener said, “The budget allocated for transportation by the state in 2018 gave us hope. We believe that we will grow even more as a sector and that Turkish companies will grow stronger to become global brands. ”

Many of the members of UTIKAD were awarded at the award ceremony, which was held at the end of the summit, where high-level names of government representatives, non-governmental organizations and different sectors were gathered.

UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, met with the leading names of the economy and logistics sector at the Economy and Logistics Summit, which was held for the third time this year by UTA Logistics Magazine. With the support of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Economy, sectoral unions and associations, the Summit, which was held at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel on May 14, 2018, UTA Logistics Magazine General Editor Cem Kaçmaz, UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener and Civil Aviation General Manager It started with the opening speeches of his assistant Can Erel. UTIKAD Vice Chairman and DEİK Logistics Business Council President Turgut Erkeskin and UTİKAD Board Member İbrahim Dölen moderator and speaker, UTİKAD Board Member and Road Working Group President Ekin Tırman and former UTİKAD chairman Sandalist moderator, UTİKAD Board Member Serkan Eren participated as a speaker.

Within the scope of the Economy and Logistics Summit, where state and private sector representatives come together at the highest level, exchange of ideas and mutual understanding is a great opportunity for all stakeholders. kazanEmphasizing that UTIKAD Chairman of the Board Emre Eldener said, “Using the power of non-governmental organizations, which are indispensable elements of social life, in the business world, economic life and social responsibility denominator in the most effective way provides both individual and social benefits. Organizing in the business world enables the common problems of companies producing services in the same sector to be gathered in one hand, to produce solutions with a common mind and to share these solutions with the public. It also paves the way for development and stability on both national and international platforms. We are really pleased to see that the participation in this event, which is of great importance for our industry, has increased every year.”


Emphasizing that the Turkish logistics sector has attracted about 10 billion dollars of foreign investment in the last 2 years, Emre Eldener said, “As a sector that has increased its cargo capacity 4 times and has increased the volume of its containers, we show a positive outlook at first glance. Its share in GDP to about 14 percent of the logistics sector in Turkey and the size of the logistics sector operations can say that up to 150 billion pounds. In addition, the logistics sector, which provides investment to 400 thousand people, is a very important employment area for our country. By evaluating our advantageous position in the geography in which we are located, it is necessary to strengthen our place in the global market and increase the importance of our country in terms of the market size and employment opportunities of the sector. Istanbul New Airport, opening of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line, port investments of international companies, liberalization of railways, etc. In light of the developments, capacity possibilities are reached to fulfill the requirements of logistics activities. It is the main goal of the Turkish logistics industry to get as much share from the logistics industry, which has reached 7 trillion dollars in volume worldwide. ”


Eldener, who shared information on the distributions according to modes in international transportation, said, “When we consider that 90 percent of the worldwide cargoes are transported by sea, Turkey is located in an important place for east-west and north-south trade corridors with a coastline of 8 kilometers. Considering the maritime transport data in Turkey, approximately 400 million tons of cargo was handled until the end of November 2017. Within the scope of China's One Belt One Road project, the operability of the seaway leg through our country kazanIt is likely that large increases in these data will be observed with On the other hand, the fact that our country has become a center of attraction for port investments and the construction of ports that allow large cargo ships to dock will also trigger these increases in a positive way. Road transport has always been a predominantly used mode of transport compared to other modes of transport. The road transport network exhibits an advanced profile from the past to the present, and road transport is predominantly preferred in terms of providing flexibility in terms of transport. In our country, which has one of the largest vehicle fleets in Europe, there are more than 800 thousand trucks registered in traffic according to TUIK data. UTIKAD President Eldener, who also touched on air transport, said, “The data of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation indicates that our country's airline fleet is 540. When we examine the global data, we see that 1 percent of the shipments are carried out by air in terms of volume, while this volume corresponds to 40 percent in terms of value. With Istanbul New Airport, the first phase of which is planned to be opened in 2018, Turkey will be an important freight transfer center in the field of air transport. In addition to these modes of transport, it is necessary to mention the railway. With the liberalization of railway transportation in our country, we have companies that have the financial power to operate their own locomotives and wagons. However, it is also a fact that there is no uninterrupted railway line between the eastern and western ends of our country. Railway transportation, which is an environmentally friendly and economical type of transportation, stands in front of us as a goal that needs to be realized for our country.


All these positive developments, as well as in terms of the logistics industry in 2017-2018 years one of the most important steps 'government grant' is that underlines Eldener, "after UTIKAD the logistics industry through our relationships we strengthen with the Ministry of Economy of tourism were able to tell that it is Turkey's second largest exporter of services . As a result of our mutual meetings, the way for incentives for our sector has been opened. We participated in FIATA World Congress last year with the trade delegation created by UTİKAD within the scope of fair supports. This year, as an association, we continue our efforts to form a trade committee. In this way, we continue to represent your Turkish logistics industry much stronger in international platforms thanks to the initiatives of the Ministry of Economy. In addition, our companies are applying for the Brand Support Program and Turquality by providing the necessary conditions. Thanks to these support programs, companies that carry out marketing activities abroad with limited opportunities will be able to introduce themselves. Our inclusion in Turquality will accelerate branding and growth in the industry. Turkey will provide greater visibility of the brand in the global market. The industry representatives will have completed the institutional development of strong institutions, which included not only support this program will contribute greatly to Turkey brand.

In this way, global integration will be achieved and we will see in the coming years as originating in Turkey a global actor in many companies in the logistics sector. Because the knowledge of our country's logistics sector and trained manpower is also sufficient. In our sector, the executives of the future, who see themselves as a citizen of the world, who follow global developments and who are open to development, continue their duties successfully. Such an important and qualified work force in the logistics sector is an important opportunity for our country. In Turkey, logistics services can be provided in global standards. In this framework, UTIKAD works to ensure that its members continue to operate in better conditions. With our representation function in national and international institutions, we continue to represent our members, especially the Turkish logistics sector. Ulusal

All transport modes in separate sessions discussed the issues on the agenda UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener, "Turkey's Economy from the window of that Direction of Economy and Digital Transformation" was made on the main moderator of the first session.


Moderated by UTIKAD Board Member and TÜRKLİM Chairman Ibrahim Dole his "Turkey's Point at which the Maritime Freight Transport, Opportunities and Challenges" Deputy Chairman of the participating UTIKAD Board as a speaker in the panel and DEIK Logistics Business Council Turgut Erkeskin, logistics industry referred to tariff restrictions on. Erkeskin said, “The ceiling price practices brought to the logistics sector, which started with the circular titled 'Storage Fees at Airports' published by the Ministry of Customs and Trade General Directorate and continued with the circulars published in order to end the discussions in the sector, continued in the Official Gazette dated March 10, 2018. It was based on the articles of law with the “Law Amending Some Laws for the Improvement of the Investment Environment” published in. With the interventions that constituted the legal infrastructure of applying ceiling fees to the service items of the Transport Affairs Organizers, public administrations brought a floor and ceiling fees for the transportation sector, which is a commercial activity. However, we think that the public intervention to the wages that should be determined in the freedom of trade is not correct. Such interventions do not comply with the principles of free economy. We can also predict that the investment environment will deteriorate as a result of these interventions. ”

At the summit, UTIKAD Board Member and Highway Working Group President Ekin Tırman moderated the “Hazardous and Chemical Materials Logistics and ADR Session”, UTIKAD Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and DEIK Logistics Business Council President Turgut Erkeskin the “Project & Heavy Load and Energy Logistics” panel. . UTIKAD the former president of Costa Rica and FIATA Honorary Member of the Boatmen "in Turkey's Railway Strategy Current Situation, Problems and Solutions" in which he directed the session discussed.


Many UTİKAD member companies were also awarded at the gala dinner and award ceremony held after the summit. While Sertrans Uluslararası Nakliyat Ticaret A.Ş, one of the UTİKAD member companies, received the 'Logistics Company of the Year' award, Kamil Barlın, founder and owner of Barsan Global Logistics, received the 'Logistics Entrepreneur of the Year' award. Horoz Lojistik A.Ş. received the 'Over Borders Logistics' award. Borusan Lojistik Ford Otosan Cooperation was deemed worthy of the 'Logistics Project of the Year' award. On behalf of Borusan Logistics, UTİKAD Board Member, TÜRKLİM Chairman and Borusan Logistics General Manager İbrahim Dölen received the award.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Assistant Turhan Özen received the "Logistics Professional of the Year" award from UTİKAD President Emre Eldener.

Reibel Taşımacılık ve Ticaret A.Ş. Arif Badur, the founder and General Manager of UTİKAD, was awarded the 'Lifetime Logistics Award'. Badur received the award from Can Erel, Deputy General Manager of Civil Aviation.

UTİKAD Vice President, FIATA Senior Vice President and DEİK Logistics Business Council President Turgut Erkeskin was deemed worthy of 'Contribution to Logistics of the Year'. Erkeskin received the award from former chairman of UTİKAD and FIATA Honorary Member Kosta Sandalcı.

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