TÜVASAŞ Buying Permanent Workers

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation, commonly known as TÜVASAŞ is based railcar manufacturer Adapazari. TÜVASAŞ manufacture of TCDD rail transport is responsible for the regeneration and repair of all TCDD Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is connected to a local manufacturer.

TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industry) to cover the lack of in-house staff to do the recruitment of workers, he said. According to the publication published at least high school graduates will be made. Here are the details.

State Personnel Department by 17 May 2018 dated released by classifieds TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Wagon Industry) to meet the lack of staff on-site for the 1 personality vacant ex-convicts or in Combating Terrorism as handicapped numbers will not be realized permanent recruitment is injured.

Accordingly, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. 1 Electrical Technician, who has graduated from the related departments of the secondary education institutions, will take over. Notice has been posted on the State Personnel Presidency side application process and purchase transactions will be made by Turkey Business Council. Candidates who fulfill the application requirements for the relevant advertisement must apply for applications within 10 days. Accordingly, applicants must submit their applications by 31 May 2018 at the latest.

Applications may be submitted to the Provincial Branch Directorates or Service centers of the Employment Agency or http://www.iskur.gov.tr will be done through the address. In addition, the relevant departments will be announced in the announcement of Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Branch Directorate.

Source : I www.isinolsa.co



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