Informatics with Turkey's position will be my crowning ULAK

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, noting Turkey's first local and national base station runner will be in service in Kars World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, "so we crowned with ULAK place in Turkey in the sector." said.

Minister Arslan, 17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The telecommunication sector in Turkey took on a new dimension with the introduction of the internet 25 years ago. kazanArslan pointed out that the ministry's affiliated and related institutions are working diligently to provide fast, uninterrupted and safe service.

Arslan pointed out that the internet has ceased to be a “project” and has entered almost every area of ​​social and economic life, “The Internet has become one of the basic infrastructures of development and growth, and has become one of our basic needs such as bread and water. Even in some countries, internet access is accepted as one of the basic human rights. ” he spoke.

Number of internet users in the world is now 4 billion, while in Turkey this number almost 55 million people stated that Armstrong has reported each day for the first time has been estimated that 1,5 million people access the Internet.

“GSM operators ordered 625 ULAK”

Minister Arslan emphasized that his ministry has established base stations within the scope of Universal Service Fund to provide communication services in places where fewer than 500 people live, and therefore they care about local and national ULAK.

Recalled that the base station at the 799 point of installation has started to work at 4,5G level, Arslan said that the second phase of the base station installation was carried out by GSM operators.

Arslan stated that the processes related to the said study were started and reminded that they had to establish a domestic base station in these tenders.

Turkey's first national indigenous and completed construction of the base station's messenger, to do the tests, and stressed that the start of use in the field Arslan, said:

“As the Ministry, we have performed 150 ULAK equipment tests and factory acceptance for the first phase within the scope of universal service. We will test 150 more this month. We will deliver 189 ULAK in June. At ULAK, we increased the localization rate from 10 percent in the first phase to 43 percent. In the second phase, local and national base stations will be used at 590 points. In the second phase, the localization rate that we anticipated 30 percent was 54 percent. This pleases us. ”

Within the scope of the universal service, a thousand 80 ULAK orders are given, Arslan, GSM operators, the number of orders 625 reported.

Arslan, the ceremony for the use by all GSM operators of ULAK base station May 17 World Telecommunication and Information Society said Day will be held in Kars, so that will be serviced with local and national base station anywhere in Turkey, its position in the industry said they crowned with ULAK.

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