Tram Work Continues in Full Speed ​​in Eskişehir

City Hospital was extended to the tram line. Indicating that the line will go to Sultandere Mayor Büyükerşen, "We were going to do," he said.

In Eskişehir, an important addition was made in the study which was started for the extension of the tram line based on the daily passenger carrying capacity 130 thousand. In addition to the extension of the 71 meter tram from the Emek-1081 Houses line, the Sultandere region has been added to the City Hospital with 71 beds completed in 1300 Homes. The starting point of the project with the name of one of the most remote areas of the city with the former name Sultandere 75. It's gonna be Year's Quarter. Metropolitan Municipality 2018 budget 100 million pounds allocated to the construction of tram line construction work with a new situation emerged. However, the rise in foreign exchange and cost increases makes the municipality think. Sultandere line, namely 71, for the tram line extension project in the Kumlubel District and 75 Evler Neighborhood. The addition of the Year Quarter created great joy. Work started between 71 Evler-City Hospital. Contractor 75. Residents of the Year Quarter will have the tram project they have been waiting for years. Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen spoke to ŞEHİR about the issue.


Mayor Büyükerşen said, ecek Fevziçakmak about the extension of the tram line, we had a thought to continue as Gündoğdu. However, they entered City Hospital. Now the contractor has started work. We have also made a change there, we will extend the tram to Sultandere. We had already made this tender and added it to Sultandere. Of course, this process is delayed because the work is delayed. Previously we did the project about City Hospital but the Ministry of Transport turned down. Then a second time, the tender process was extended. Or it will be over by now. Although it is going to open the hospital, it seems difficult to end. Of course we hope for Sultandere budget. We will complete the moment. However, the exchange is constantly rising, costs are increasing. Let's say that it is not enough then we will leave scissors and be completed with a loan. Sultandere region will do it, böl he said.


Mayor Büyükerşen said, açıl Besides, I am the one who made the first opening of Sultandere. When we first came to office in 1999, Sami Sönmez was the Governor of the period. The contractor undertook to do some of the works in the Aydın Arat period underneath it. The contractor did, but the contractors had escaped. We made tenders for unfinished buildings, built buildings and delivered them. Due to the commitments made, the 700 apartment was delivered and delivered. We have gone through very difficult processes. We came to these days. I hope the budget is enough and we will complete. İn

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