Train Accident in Malatya: "As These Policies Continue, Accidents Are Inevitable"

The United Transport Employees Union (BTS) made a statement regarding the accident in which the empty freight train belonging to the private company, traveling from Malatya to Sivas, hit another freight train connected to the same company at Hekimhan Station.

BTS's statement is as follows;
There is a financially damaged accident as a result of 63613 freight train belonging to a private company carrying out an ore transportation between Divriği and İskenderun. 63611 In May 7, the reason of this accident which occurred at the entrance of Hekimhan station is currently being investigated by the related units, but it is seen that a problem arises from radio communication in the initial determinations. Damage to the locomotive and the 2018 vagina and the long-term closure of the road also indicate the size of the material's size. The biggest consolation in this accident is the loss of life and injury.

This accident will be the first on railways, not wanting to be, nor will it be the last. Because as long as the transportation policies in our country continue in this way and they are insisted on wrongly, accidents will be inevitable. With this privatization, which has been introduced for many years, TCDD has caused invitations to accidents and led to mistakes in personnel.

1 May 2013 in the history of the Parliament legalized No. 6461 2017 in Turkey at the beginning of the process starting with the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport has been put into actual practice.

Since then, the institution has been divided into two as TCDD General Directorate and TCDD Joint Stock Company. At the same time, there have been serious changes in the organizational structures and legislation in both institutions. And with the most important change brought by the law, two private train operators have started to operate.

The political will, which has not been invested for many years by curing, said that the privatization of the solution was privatization and took this step.

As a result;

* Number of staff decreased

* The train chief, who should be on the trains in particular, is removed from the train officer and the whole load is loaded on the machine.

* The structure of the personnel involved in train preparation has changed. (Transport officer, Logistics officer)

* The same task was performed but different status personnel were employed to cause confusion. (Worker and civil servant engineer, worker and civil servant train officer)

* Appointments, knowledge, accumulation, merit and assignment procedure has left its place

* Some flats are combined to reduce work efficiency.

* With the special train operation, the institution has entered an even more difficult process.

At the point, there were two crashes in Elazığ, two of which were damaged in Konya-Ana line, and finally an accident in Hekimhan station.

We see that the process of privatization of railways undermines security in the whole area.

The primary problem is the process that begins with the restructuring of railways. This process; on the one hand, the negativity of knowledge, accumulation, experience and merit, and the reversal of the logic of railway management on the other.

The fact that the transportation of railways on the railways by the private sector firms, which have entered the sector with the logic of profit, will pave the way for other serious problems.

Returning to the accident; the reason for the accident is to fail to understand the correct cause of the accident by breaking down only on the personnel who are working in the Mechanic or the Officer or another employee.

Whether the private sector or the public is not corrected, this process will be a process in which similar accidents are experienced and the security of the railway is weaker than ever.

To avoid this;

* As soon as the privatization of railways is abandoned, a public and one-stop service should be provided on the railways.

* Investments should be made in accordance with the technological developments of the institution.

* Assignments based on merit should be made by giving up quickly without political cadres in the internal appointments.



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