Truck Garage Will Relieve Denizli's Traffic

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, the truck and tractor in the city center to avoid irregular parking and urban traffic in order to relax the truck and trailer park project is nearing the end.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented huge transportation services in order to relieve the traffic and travel more comfortable for the citizens in Denizli, has come to an end with the truck and truck park project. With the project, trucks and trucks that cause irregular parking in the city center and adversely affect the city traffic due to their bad appearance and congestion will have a regular parking area. In addition to regular parking, truck and truck drivers who can get service from the facility, where various social areas will be located for truck and truck drivers who have to spend the night on the roadside, will also be comfortable in terms of safety and comfort. The park, which will be built on approximately 45 decares of land near Bozburun District, will have a capacity of 99 trucks, 60 trucks and 49 cars. The facility, which will have a closed area of ​​1.350 square meters including basement and ground floor, was established on a total area of ​​2.278 square meters.

The problem of parking the trucks and trucks

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that the irregular parking of trucks and trucks in the city center will be a thing of the past with the project they are approaching to end. Stating that they are happy to complete another project that Denizli needs with its truck and truck park, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “Parking of heavy vehicles in the city center created a negative effect both in terms of visual and traffic. Our chauffeur tradesmen, who had to stay on the roadside or could not find a place to park, were also complaining about this. This will no longer be a problem in Denizli. With the truck and truck park, our chauffeur trades will have a social facility and the opportunity to stay in a safe area ”.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 22:22

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