TCDD Van Pier Chief Worker Recruitment Oral Exam Kazanmoment Attention Candidates

The oral exam held on 02.05.2018 for the mechanical vehicle leveler to be recruited to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD) Vangöl Ferry Directorate and Van Pier Chief kazanmoment candidates

You must submit the documents mentioned below by contacting Vangölü Ferry Manager Tatvan / BİTLİS personally until 11.06.2018 date.

1. Diploma Surveillance Copy (approved by the notary public or approved by TCDD representative),
2. Case of Population Wallet (copy approved by the notary public or approved by TCDD representative),
3. Military service (demobilization, deferral, exempt will be stated.),
4. Criminal Record with the Turkish Republic ID number (from the Public Prosecutor's Office or e-government password) will be taken from.)
5. Priority Certificate (in the public sector as a permanent worker, issued a military certificate of outstanding achievement, etc.
6. Photo (6)
7. Service schedule that is subject to any social security institution for the implementation of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, if any.
8. A screening test conducted in a full-fledged state hospital or any of the official university hospitals. (It is the test to determine alcohol or drug addiction).
9. Vision Levels from full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals (right-left eye specified separately), Color Examination (ishihora test done), Hearing Examination (The mean of 500, 1000 and 2000 frequencies in odiometry review should be 0-30 dB.) medical board report.

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